By PuppyPeeTimee. - 17/09/2010 06:30 - United Kingdom

Today, we were in the car with my puppy, who favours my sister. She had been sat on her lap for a while, when she stood up and climbed onto my lap. I was really pleased until she peed on me and then went straight back to my sister. FML
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The twist is the dogs name is R Kelly


she had been sat on her lap??????? what??


I always enjoy finding fails in fmls.

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at least your sister didnt call you tiolet lap

14: Good for you. The next step is to say something relevant to the FML in each comment. 17: I've seen "sat" used in place of "seated" or "sitting" in other British writing, so I've looked it up. As far as I can tell, it's a regionally acceptable term. The technical correctness is debatable, but it seems to be a common colloquialism in parts of the British English-speaking world. We need pendatik to weigh in on this one to be sure.


THIS IS AMERICA!!!!! *kicks op*

the puppy is showing her dominance. haha

this is where your sister needs to show him that it's wrong to do that and refuse the dog to sit on her lap after that. people, train your puppies!

My puppy puked on me when we first took her home. Tell me what that is.

it means your ugly.. duh haha i'm kidding(:

would have been better if you just said pissed off. forcing people to see the pun your trying yo make just makes you look retarted.

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Am I seeing twins? It looks like you have some sibling rivalry competiton going on after I saw your pictures.

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the yellow on must have been pissed "on"

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the first time my dog sat on my lap he has shit on me ._.

Put it in a basket and throw it in the ocean.

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god, you lot have sand in your ****** or something? it was a joke! miserable *******

It seems there is always a critic, even dogs! Sorry OP, but you got to see the funny side.

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The dog must have realized that you were pissed off and decided to reverse your fortune.