By Anonymous - United States - Roseburg

Run run run!

Today, I went camping with my family. While I was using the shower house, my sister decided it'd be hilarious to run off with my clothes and towel. I ran back to the camper, completely naked, only for my parents to bitch me out for streaking. FML
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  8born8  |  18

you could always make her wet her bed... save up your pee in a bottle , so it's authentic. i would save your revenge for when you get home, let her think that she got away with it.... or you could get a pair of scissors and every second night chop a little bit off piece by piece...

  8born8  |  18

streaking is easy. my (ex) and i used to have "pants down parties" all the time, it's what happens at the end of your run or if you get caught that makes it difficult. nobody can see much of anything while you're moving, but when you stop it's a different matter... :P

By  cristy91  |  33

Ask your parents what's more likely: you streaking back to where they are or a sibling doing something to make you look silly. If they can't tell, both of them must have been an only child in a very sheltered home because the answer is pretty clear.