By jakethed0g - 10/08/2011 21:37 - United Kingdom

Today, I was camping with my family, and had to share a tent with my 13 year old brother. During the night he had to pee, but instead of going outside to use the bathroom, he zipped open a section of the tent, stuck his knob through it, and peed all over my shoes that were drying outside. FML
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He was marking his territory. It's sanitary. :)

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He was marking his territory. It's sanitary. :)

-3 If Bear Gryllls can drink it, you can wear it.

i was first they removed my comment :(

i was first they removed my comment :(

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Where are comments one and two? They seem to have been misplaced... Do you guys know where to find them? ?*:.?. o(???)o .?.:*?

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If anyone's going to be up anyone's ass it's going to be me

20, 26- i thumbed your comments down just because of the stupid faces. Am i the only one who thinks they r extremely annoying?

I do. especially since they had abslutely nothing to do with my comment.

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He peed in your shoes? Hmm.. Seems like the only logical thing to do now is piss in his mouth while he sleeps. >:D

am I the only one moldy disturbed by the fact that OP referred to her brothers penis as his knob?

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-38 Remind me never to piss in your shoes

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eh, it's an English term. not that odd

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34- I hate you now, but since this is the Internet and I can't slap you in person, (^-^)(^-^)(^-^)(^-^)(^-^)(^-^)(^-^)(^-^)(^-^)(^-^)(^-^)(^-^)(^-^)(^-^)(^-^)(^-^)(^-^)(^-^)(^-^) Pwnage!!!

Did he sniff your ass first? Because I'm starting to see a trend here...

Did he sniff your ass first? Because I'm starting to see a trend here...

No harm done if they still dry by morning

38 thats a great idea, maybe it turns him on so OP can write another FML about her brother :)

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Be happy he wasn't taking a shit! Like the dog oops I mean ladies husband!

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What the heck are you talking about..

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That's a reference to an old fml

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i'd have totally done the same if i was a boy

My brother has literally done this multiple times when I have gone camping. I shit you not.

never leave your shoes outside the tent... camping 101

Shoes were drying from the last time he pee'd on them ? ;p

You leave your shoes outside the tent for a reason

Guess ur shoes aren't gonna be dry then

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Damn, how'd you figure that out so fast?

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He learned it in physics class

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Stop complaining. I pay good money and sometimes phone R Kelly to get some quality piss

I know, the taxes on piss these days are UNBELIEVABLE.

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I know Thank God R Kelly has a delivery service.

-36 God bless 'Merica, where good honest god-fearin' rednecks as myself (think about my name, you'll be mindfucked) can purchase good, legal, piss.

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TripOnShoelaces 0

Agreed, but this was more of a mere pun, not exactly a reference. But good eye!

it's hot out. Better drink my own pee! I think thats the reference your looking for

haha my comment here is actually to my comment as 3, not here. it just decided to go here. but yes, that is the reference!:)

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Omfg! I have to use this!!!