By Anonymous - 09/08/2009 04:22 - United States

Today, I found out that when you chase a couple of squirrels off your porch for irritating your dogs, sometimes they chase you back. FML
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mister_moops 0

lol. did they bite?

netbeui435 3



mister_moops 0

lol. did they bite?

hibarisanstr 0

squirrels are a mther fucker, 1st hand experience :O

Can't you just like, kick them?

heavenandhell 0

yea or step on them...

Skull_300 0

You need to get rid of those pussy dogs and get yourself a dog that will chase those fuckin' squirrels off your property. Then you can sit back and laugh...

I agree. YDI for having a pussy of a dog.

YDI for being a pansy


they're squirrels you fucking pussy.

Oh man better watch out for squaids they are some bad mother fuckers

joce445 0

It would be worse if the squirrel had rabies!

squirrels can't get rabies.

netbeui435 3


YDI for using calculators.

They are tiny little squirrels. just kick them as hard as you can

Nissi 17

Yes, yes they do. Squirrels are evil creatures. Take it from me, a sciurophobic.

YOU'RE SCARED OF THEM?? seriously, grow up.

CyclonePsycho 1

A lot of squirrels are pretty aggressive. They sometimes even pop out of trashcans and scare the living daylights out of the innocent bystanders wandering by on our nearby college campuses. o_o

cats do too...

primogen18 0

yeah, my college campus was full of them, brave little fuckers.

Yikes, that must suck to be chased be a squirrel.

shakemup 0

Wow, You're a pussy

kashman95 1

I would have fun with it any up fir kick squirrel

Glam_fml 0

Ha! I never thought squirrels would chase you back. I could totally picture this. They probably were diseased, now that I think about it.

ChelseaAnn08 0

Or just crazy. Being chased by squirrels is a common occurance on the KSU campus. One challenged me earlier this week. I seriously thought it was going to jump out of tree.

Ydi for having sex!!!!

pokemonGINGA 0

Haha squirrels can be rather ferocious at times.

Them Texas squirrels can be mighty ornery -- they go right for the nuts! I reckon you best leave the squirrel-chasing to the dogs. You ain't never heard of a dog being called a pussy, have ya?

SchitzoFRIENDic 0

Ummmm I don't know if you actually talk like this or not, but if not, you do know that most people from Texas (like me) don't actually talk like that, right? I don't even have an accent... Stop watching western movies (The only real life. Horse I've ever seen was in New York.). And yes, some of the squirrels here are huge, but it's only around the Texas A&M area. Over there, they're like cats. If that's where it was, OP... Ouch.

You are right that a lot of people in Texas don't talk like that, but there are still plenty that do, even here in the big city. I've known a lot of well-educated Texans who speak without an accent who still use "reckon," "fixin' ta," and "y'all" and put the emphasis on the first syllable of UMbrella and INsurance (most Americans say umBRELLa and inSURance.) So, I was exaggerating, but not lying.