By Anonymous - 30/04/2015 02:08 - United States - Gardnerville

Today, I found the eggshells from the nest belonging to the little bird that lives outside my house. They were covered in blood and it was quite obvious that they had been eaten. While I was looking at them, the mother bird came over and attacked me. FML
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That's pretty horrific, poor momma bird

She will never forgive you


She will never forgive you

leogachi 15

That's true. It sucks that Op got attacked, but the bird lost her babies. I feel worse for the bird.

ZombieVampirez 24

If the bird thinks OP killed them then no, she will never be fogiven and the bird might attack everyday. Sorry OP and sorry to the bird.

That's pretty horrific, poor momma bird

ZombieVampirez 24



That's so sad :(

That's why you should never disturb a crime scene! The evidence becomes contaminated!!

My cat killed a baby bird while their parents watched in horror. I was currently burying my dead betta fish when I discovered her playing with the still living baby. I tried to save it but it died. whenever my cat goes outside, the parents attack her. can't blame either of them because the cat was just doing what instincts tell her. but the birds are angry over their loss. be prepared to be attacked from now on.

JustinJK 21

Yeah I saw a program on crows. they hold grydges and even get other crows to attack. They also have good facial recognition and good memories. Not sure how other birds compare, bur they're smart little critters.

Keep your cat indoors! Cats kill a ton of native fauna and have even led to the extinction of some species. If you provide the cat with a bunch of fun indoors he won't need to be outside and you'll have a happy, fluffy cat for years to come :)

JustinJK 21

Yeah. If my cat wants to go outside I'll let her. I don't care about fauna. Maybe we should keep humans inside because they make shit go extinct all the time.

sorry to hear this...for both you and the birds...

Today, this bitch destroyed all the eggs in my nest then just stood like she didn't know what the hell happened, so I showed that bitch a piece of my mind.

try to put on a cap the next tome you go out ?

u were found on the scene of crime OP