By fail - 19/01/2014 20:35 - United States

Today, my parents left early in the morning to run some errands, and I thought it would be nice to shovel our rather large driveway for them while they were out. An hour later, they returned from the store with a snow blower. FML
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Yes your life sucks but hopefully they appreciate what you did. You poor thing.


A simple phone call can save so many shattered feelings.

whothewhat 4

A little hard work goes along way in society these days since supposedly half of America doesn't work. So good job staying ahead of the curve!!

After shoveling the whole driveway, I have my doubts he still feels that it's the thought that counts. It's a lot of work for nothing. On the other hand, good exercise, yay?

#16 that makes no sense. That's like me calling my parents every time they leave to see if I should water the plants in case they decide to but a sprinkler that day .

Yes your life sucks but hopefully they appreciate what you did. You poor thing.

And the make you some hot cocoa for all your work :)

It's still going to snow in the future, you don't buy a snow blower for a one time use..

klovemachine 24

Why? OP can use it the next time it snows.

You can also use the snow blower to dry your car when you decide to wash it.

I don't think you know how snowblowers work

Don't return it! I've come to learn snowblowers can be used for multiple purposes! Snowblower can!

#26, I think what #4 means is it's the thought that counts.

Well now you have appreciative parents and a snow blower for another time (:

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Screw snow blowers, flamethrowers are where it's at.

Well you had great intentions! Sorry OP, but your parents should really appreciate it. When there's another snowy day you'll have that snow blower.

well that sure *puts on glasses* blows.

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pilfered concept, bad execution. thumbs down

perdix 29

Well, you got some good exercise, but you screwed your parents out of the pleasure of using their new machine. They'll probably get a chance to use it soon, unless you go all John Henry on they asses!