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Today, finally accepting the fact that the love of my life has moved on, I took myself to a movie, alone, on a Saturday night. After buying the last ticket to a sold out movie and trying to find the only open seat in the dark, I sit down... right next to my ex-best friend AND my ex-fiancé. FML
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  iSwag  |  0

I went to a movie once and it was so gay, 10 minutes into it I left and refunded the ticket. wondering why you didn't do the same thing.

and even of you couldn't refund the ticket, if the movie was sold out and you got the last seat I'm sure someone behind you was going to watch it so you could've just sold the ticket to one of them. YDI for going by yourself

  FYLDeep  |  25

Sorry bout #33 but I'm the kind of guy who would ask the question "What type of gun was it?" if my girlfriend dreamed of me murdering her. Oh was it a good movie?

  gildedmuse  |  0

37 -"I went to a movie once and it was so gay, 10 minutes into it I left and refunded the ticket. wondering why you didn't do the same thing."

Well now, whose fault is that? If you'd bothered to read a single review you would have known what Brokeback Mountain was about without wasting those ten minutes, which I'm going to have to assume is the movie you're referring to.

  xriley  |  0

Snicker stop being such a bitch...he can put a comma if he wants...and spell how he wants...seriously I hate people like you...always thinking your're better than wonder people like you always end up getting dumped.

  captaintaco  |  0

I always read these and I don't usually reply to any of snicker's comments, but seriously, you comment to point out a damn comma mistake? Absolutely nobody cares! Do you have some sort of OCD disorder and you just can't help yourself? Because other than that you just look like an idiot. Any retard can use proper grammar but it actually takes some brain power to write a good comment. Snicker, you should try that for a change. Honestly.

  iMP0W3R  |  0

lol totally agree with Brooke, it's a fucking app. whoever fights on this has no life and is an idiot xD so fuck all of your lives because you guys just fail at life :p

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

It does suck. I could say move on or you don't need them, blah, blah, blah. You tried and got slapped by life. It happens. I hope you kept your head up and at least pretended to enjoy the movie. They should be uncomfortable, not you. FYL but I promise it gets better.