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Today, the guy at Subway asked if I wanted to make my sandwich a footlong. I'm not sure what came over me, but before I realized what I was saying, I'd told him that I couldn't handle 12 inches. FML
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Did he respond with, "but it looks like you can handle two six inchers?"

TheRealHouse 7

that's what she said.. oh wait..


TheRealHouse 7

that's what she said.. oh wait..

12? God you're terrible, I can handle two 16's. As if sandwiches are that hard to eat.

Once when I was in subway I asked for a football meatlong, I realized what I said after the people behind me started laughing so I laughed too and I would have laughed if I heard you say that.

I don't think many people can so it's okay ;)

I have a feeling he asked you if you wanted the special sauce next

wintamint101 7

well i'm sure you aren't the only one who can't

My lady can handle 12 inches...! She swallows too... Not much use spitting out food when you're hungry.

Please for only five dollars I wouldn't handle a footlong either. Economy's bad right now and things don't come cheap. ;)

You can't handle 12 inches? Pssft. Amateur.

FMMFL1992 3

if you're a girl this isn't so ba.

It's still just as bad if it was a girl. Funnier if it's a male, though. I can so see this happening though.. Neither an FML or a YDI. Just a very unfortunate uttering.

kingatowning 2

So a 6 inch then? Or maybe a 3 inch? I hear even the kids can handle those.

aFatFuck 0

Did he recommend you try the tuna sandwich?

icanhazblivions 1

nah. it wouldn't make you bleed. for sure.

You cant handle 12"? whats wrong with you.

If a girl behind the counter were to ask me if I could handle a 12", I think I might gag.

This is funny because I work at subway and hear things like this all the time (:

hobbsicle805 0
JurassicHole 5

But the gutter is a fun place to let your mind wander :)

Cereal_Is_Good 5

OP could've easily saved themselves from some embarrassment by winking at the sandwich man after that statement.

xmayne 0

Don't knock it unless you've tried it

Did he respond with, "but it looks like you can handle two six inchers?"

crazyrunnergirl 7

Hahahahahahaha. I so wish I could have seen his face

saIty 17

I wonder could a 12 incher kill a woman?

nooo, just make her bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!

Mollyslips, it looks like your taking a 12 incher in your pic ;)

PrestonG95 7

All of it inside. It's just not good you will bleed

47, for a first timer, taking 12 inches would make you bleeed? i dont have any experience thank ****, but im pretty scared of that situation happening!!:P

AtPasalacqua 9

It's really not THAT bad though. You could have said a lot worse.

Your picture goes with this comment very well.

kiwiwirox 0

ikr its all about stupid blondes

7 is right. And its not even funny in the first place, just very stupid

I am wondering, is it an FML because you lied because you could take 12 inches??

Oh God, I'm laughing so hard from this.

Bahaha I totally would say something like that on purpose xD

Too bad fml doesn't a have a like and dislike button instead ;)

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bawlerr75 9

I'm sure he didn't ask for yuur number then aha