By bensim64 - 10/01/2015 16:35 - United Kingdom - Coventry

Today, I had to go back to the restaurant I had just eaten at and beg for my tip back so I could afford my bus home. FML
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Hi, as the author I just wanted to clear this up. I'm not cold or heartless, but I forgot my Oyster card (what you need to get a bus home in England) and had given my last bit of change for the tip! I was hugely embarrassed as I always tip (although not mandatory in Britain as in America; mostly because American staff are for more helpful and nice). However, as I do go there fairly often, I will obviously tip more next time!

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Should probably plan ahead a little better.

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Aww op that sucks but I'm sure they understood

no, no they didn't. can't afford to tip, don't go out to eat. simple as that.

Maybe she just left most of the money home?

@16 You really should read where the FML took place. In the UK most people don't tip waiters/waitresses because they make sufficient income, unlike in the states where they make below minimum wage.

16, waiters/waitresses can earn more money on their base salary than those working in shops, adding a tip to that can usually just go to the restaurant and not the actual waiter. I hate places that require you to tip, I don't go back if they do. I only tip if I got good service, give them something to work for.

I don't care where they're from. if you give someone something, you don't beg for it back. OP should have had enough money to go out. they chose to tip. if you didn't have enough, you don't go out. simple.

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You're a kind person, yet uncoordinated, as you should've known how much money you need for your ride home. YDI.

Times get tough OP, keep your hopes up for a better tomorrow.

That was embarrassing. I don't know if it was better than beg in the street, though.

It's embarrassing that you're so ignorant.

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The OP is in the UK. Over here, wait staff are paid at least minimum wage (often more), so tips are a bonus rather than forming part of their wage like in the US.

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At the restaurant I work at, waitresses make 2.13/hr and live off tips and I'm in the US. waitresses are severely underpaid.

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That doesn't make sense. Where is the US do you live? Min wage is not like that anywhere. Why would you agree to that kind of job.

#59- Many states have a separate minimum wage for tipped employees, as they're expected to supplement their income with the tips they earn. This isn't true for every state, though- I live in Washington and the minimum wage is the same for both tipped and non tipped employees.

I don't tip anyone for anything. They're already getting paid to do the job.

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In tipped positions (at least in the US), the people working rely on their tips to get by. Many restaurants pay their workers far less than minimum wage, so they need those tips to survive. If you're not going to tip, don't go out to eat. Those people have enough to deal with without getting shafted by cheapskates.

As a delivery driver making 2.75/hr plus tips and maintaining my truck, insurance, gas, and tires with that, I really hate people like you.

#7 exactly! I don't understand why we're obliged to tip them at restaurants when we are already paying them for everything inclusive of all sorts of taxes!

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Different cultures. Outside of the US, wait staff and delivery staff are paid full wages. Tipping is not required or expected. In Japan, I was told off for trying to leave a tip - the waiter was genuinely insulted (I am not a beggar, who does this guy think he is, giving me money I didn't ask for?) If the deal is that your pay comes from the tips and that everyone knows it (US), not tipping is akin to theft. In the most of the world, the real cost of the meal is what's printed on the bill and the tip is just a small token to say "thanks" when the service was particularly good. When you see a foreigner against tipping, don't think he is a cheapstake. Just understand that he is from a culture where tipping is viewed as an exception or even as a somewhat patronizing gesture.

Coming from the UK I only tip if I've had good service and it's usually if only if I know the tips are kept by the person we're giving to. It may sound a bit harsh but I'd imagine it would be the same if I went to the US. I 100% understand that wait staff are underpaid there but that doesn't mean you can skimp on good service and expect a tip. I've had friends over in the US expected to give a tip a strange their service hasn't been very good. As before I understand they're underpaid but they still need to work for a tip!

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You just look like a scumbag anyway. That's why the waitstaff probably spits in your food.

Or it can just exercise my freedom of choice, eat where I want and not pay someone extra for something they're already getting paid for

You live in the U.K since when has been giving tips the norm there?

Since forever. It's not mandatory or expected, but it's fairly common, as long as the service has been good. I always leave a tip in restaurants if I've liked the service.

yep in the UK staff are paid a minimum wage at least which is around £6 something an hour tips are totally separate and people usually tip if they've had great service I always tip if I feel this

It's generally expected that you leave a tip of 10% (more in London). Companies only pay minimum wage, so your average server is earning less than your average supermarket cashier, usually on the basis that their wage is supplemented with tips.

46, I'm not sure where you got that from become I don't think anywhere in the UK expects tips. It's completely optional. Maybe some high end places in London expect it but no where I've been has expected me to give them a tip.

Typically if you can't even afford a bus home, I wouldn't go out and eat, and tip at that, when it's cheaper to eat at home.

My take on this is that the OP was a bit disorganised and did not realise how little money he/she had left, thus they tipped for good service and left thinking all was well just to discover that they are poorer than they thought and could not get home.

I also think that there may be more in Op's bank account, but that they didn't have any cash on them for the bus and maybe didn't have time to get some out from an atm

But they had time to go back to the restaurant, #24?

That's rough. Maybe next time, make sure you have enough money to get home before you get generous.

I totally read this comment in Spongebob's voice.