By Jerrrr - United States
Today, I wanted revenge on the rabbit who ate my garden's plants. When he returned, he was standing next to my brand new above-ground swimming pool. I pull out my 22. rifle and shot at it, but the bullet missed and popped a hole in my pool. 15,000 gallons of water flooded my basement. FML
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I disagree with your statements, that rabbit ate the plants he grew. it's not easy to have a garden. and if some stupid animal comes in and ruins all your hard work I think u would be mad too. just sayin.

  simon_lala  |  0

You'd be surprised how fast plants grow. My parents have a garden and when it rains vegetables grow like weeds an we have rabbits around here too. Having a rabbit eat some plants isn't something to kill them over-he should've just blocked the entrance to the garden.


at jlvert shut up commie and at mezer ya u should see my town in up state ny we r all rednecks :) and at jlvert again guns are the only reason u r free so stfu u oboma lovin commie

By  narks  |  0

Not only did you try to kill it instead of just relocating it, but you tried to justify your shit aim with 'the bullet missed' instead of 'I missed'.

This one calls for a YDI unfortunately.