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Today, a customer asked me how long our 6-inch sandwich was. FML
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Wasn't it some foreigner? I don't know how much 1 inch is too, because we use centimeters here


That's either a clever pun or an unfortunate typo.

i read it as foot at first until #5 said something

Wouldn't find it a strange question as Subways 6 inchers really aren't 6 inches.

I read an article about a year ago that said subway was getting sued because their foot long was only 11 inches. I'm not sure if this is true or not, but it wouldn't surprise me

@#40 aren't they like 5.4" inches? Then again it might vary by store to store.

They did indeed get sued, but they have since gone over their procedure for baking bread and apparently they are now up to standard... I highly doubt it though.

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Who knows? It's not like we have something exactly one foot long to measure one with.

nah it couldn't vary, it's all corperate managed before it even gets to the stores, they just bake the dough.

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You can measure that using my dick

56--if they did that, they would be about 4 inches short.

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#64 are you saying that because he's looks Asian?

#108 sarcasm is hard to catch sadly.

#140, especially when it is executed poorly. Am I right?

Pretty much :( I think the .. Ruined it

dude demigod every comment you make is the most insulting and annoying comment you could possibly make. please either change your ways or suffer the wrath of the entire FML community...

Wasn't it some foreigner? I don't know how much 1 inch is too, because we use centimeters here

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Inches mean nothing to someone who is on the metric system so no the customer might not have known exactly how long it was.

22--If I went to anywhere besides the US, I would not be completely sure how big an approximately 15cm sub would be. I would obviously know it is 15 cm, but I would not be able to precisely visualize the size without the person showing me.

#22, what 3 means is the customer might not have known how long 6 inches visually looked like, alot of the world uses the metric system, so telling me something is x amount of inches could mean nothing to me if i dont know how long 1 inch looks like (edit other people said it first)..

Even outside of the US it's quite common for places like subway to refer to their products as 6 inch subs, or foot long. Here in the uk we use cm instead of inches, but, still know what a 6 inch sub is.

Canadians are pretty aware of what inches are. Our older generation still uses inches because they grew up with imperial.

@19 really, it's 2.54 cm in an inch. Where the hell did you get 15.

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6 inches is 15cm is what he meant. We're not worrying how long an inch is, but how long 6 inches are. Ie 15cm.

Its actually really not hard to convert inches to cm. 1 inch is approx. 2.5 cm. That should actually be common knowledge as inches are also used in metric countries quite often. (for example for TV screens or car wheels)

2.54*6=15.24, so he was really pretty close.

I had some issues with that when I first moved to the US from Germany. I still have trouble visualizing lengths in inches, so now I visualize in terms of subway sandwiches. It's weird but it helps, haha.

I personally don't have a problem with neither metric nor imperial, I just use imperial more often because it's the standard in the US, but that wouldn't mean I couldn't get by just as easily with cm or mm, I use plenty of metric measurements when i work on my car, since it's Japanese, and it helps to have that extra knowledge handy :)

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Did you say it was half of a foot long?

No big deal. Some people just need a visual. Example: Where I work, we have an 8 ounce steak. I could be a smart ass and tell them "Half a pound" duh! but people want me to show them using my hands how big it is? I tell them a deck of cards is about 3 ounce. That usually helps.

it doesn't really help for people following metric system... cause they think in's better to show them visually....

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I often get questions like this. Most of them refer to what the difference between a 6 ounce and 8 ounce will be ounce-wise.

Reminds of the joke where someone is so dumb they ask "quick, what's the number to 9-1-1?"

Larry the cableguy though... or Chris Farley, they all mocked this joke

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Lol, if you ask how long a 6 inch sub is... Yooooou might be a redneck

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Well they're usually smaller than the 6 inch subs I pay for anyways

I remember reading an article a year or so ago saying foot longs are actually 11 Inches, but who knows.

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More than a butt load but less than a crap ton.