In vain

By bcf1234 - 15/10/2010 04:06 - United States

Today, I waited in line at Subway. There were two people in front of me. The first lady had seven sandwiches and the second lady had four. So after patiently waiting, I ordered my sandwich, only to have my credit card declined. FML
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perdix 29

Fat people have excellent credit. Is that the moral of the story?


Blink182ftw 0
smokeymcpottt 3

No, he ate it. The cheap fat bastard with no sandwich.

cantfightfate 0

you obviously don't know what it's like to be a broke college student.

It's ur fault, make ur own sammich at home

joseph42424233 0

at 1 and 7 women aren't trusted with cash, as they could accidentaly burn it on the stove.

shoulsnt any college girl who eats subway instead of semen be smart enuf to have pocket cash? even hookers should have made some money. but idk im only 14..

020266t 5

always carry a few billion at all times.

perdix 29

Fat people have excellent credit. Is that the moral of the story?

Well. At least you are in the right place to ask if there are any jobs going. :-P

If you don't have about 6 or 7 bucks cash for your sandwich you fail. You're always supposed to carry cash with you just in case.

If you're broke don't go to Subway... that place is expensive.

$10 dollars for lunch. I don't think it's that big of a deal... Regardless... OP, at least walk around with$20 cash

Ever heard of cash, op? Why do you need a credit card for a sandwich that costs 6 bucks. That, I just don't get.

You deserve it for going to Subway in the first place. Their cheese triangles aren't arranged on their sandwiches correctly. Those vicious slime buckets.

Phoenix1023 3

Hell yeah. And they get mad when you ask em to cut a 6 inch sub in half. How rude. I tend to do that too as well OP. At least check your balance while you're in line though, duh.

MissErikaHart 0

the 1 by my house is out of cucumbers almost every time I go. 

MysteryGuitarMan 32

I have that to somthime's, thats why i prefer to pay with cash instead of with my bank still , those womens could have let you pass next to them if you had asked them nicely but still this guaranty nothing, i like this FML because it happens to me alot , because i travel alot in the states MGM

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Hey:O I'm subbed to you for some odd reason on YouTube. :D

MrThumbsItUpMan 8

Love your videos and I had NO idea you also read fmls!!! Huge fan in general!!