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Today, the girl I've been dating dumped me after she found out I'm originally from Alabama. Apparently she doesn't want to date someone from a "foreign country". We both live in Michigan. FML
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Move back to Alabama. I'll bet even there you'll find someone more educated than that.


Dodged a bullet. Better to get away from the stupid sooner rather than later.

I can't help but hope maybe she meant foreign "county" instead. Otherwise the sheer dumbassery is enough to make one's head hurt.

Move back to Alabama. I'll bet even there you'll find someone more educated than that.

Even then, if she doesn't want to date someone from a "foreign country" then she's probably too shallow for you.

"Even there" implies that people in Alabama are stupid. Why does the entire country forget that we have NASA and some high tech companies?

Huntsville is a pretty smart city, but if you go to the deep south and really rural areas that have less than 20 people per grade are the not so smart areas.

they build it there because its a state with incredibly low pricing for building houses and such.

The level of intelligence on average here in Alabama is quite low. In my graduating class, we have thirty people, which is big for my school. Many kids in my class only have a 19 or 20 on the ACT. There are a lot of dumb rednecks and a lot of dumb people on welfare who refuse to work, even though there are jobs available and they are able to work. However, I know many people who are "rednecks" but are still quite intelligent. It is just different as a whole here in Alabama.

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In her defense, Alabama is pretty much a different country compared to the rest of the US ... If not an entirely different planet ...

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Your name really fits you, you ignorant fool.


I'm originally from Alabama. Trust me, the people there are a lot more friendly than people in Northern states.

As a Minnesotan, I am truly sorry if we have offended you in any way.

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North vs south again? Not to worried you'll just lose again.

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#33-You're the one getting offended over a comment on a site known for humor and snarky comments yet you're calling me a fool? lol

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#62-I lived in the South for a time. The people there are very friendly and are a lot more polite than the Northern states. However the South, in particular the Deep South, has other issues that can make it seem like you've crossed into another country when you visit, especially if you aren't used to rural areas. I say this knowing that I currently live in CA which is also another country compared to the rest of the US lol

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#96-Shhhhh! Don't tell my mom that! She's from the South and is convinced it will rise again lol I think the overwhelming negative response to a comment I made in jest proves that Southerns can be more than a little ... proud ... of their roots.


You don't hear people claim northern pride very often. Southern Pride, however, is pretty common. I think it's a lot to do with (no offense to northerners) the south being very culturally rich. The only other area I can think of like that is New England, which is basically "classic america."

But I don't think you can judge a an areas culture off you haven't been there, and I seriously doubt that you've been everywhere in the north

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#115-I think Southern Pride has a lot of historical roots. Sherman's March basically obliterated a huge path in the South during the Civil War. Then after the war, during the Reconstruction, the South had to further deal with the North trying to crush their culture and the daily degradations they faced at the hands of the Union soldiers occupying the South and enforcing what amounts to martial law for years on end. Those sorts of hardships tend to make people proud of who they are.

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The "culture" that the north was trying to "crush"? oh yeah! racism and slavery. But let's just use the word culture so everybody thinks the south were the oppressed and not the oppressors for hundreds of years.

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Actually the war was not about slavery. The south wanted to be free of the north. It didn't become about slavery until president Lincoln freed the slaves in an attempt to weaken the south. It really pisses me off when people say Abe was this big hero for setting the slaves free he owned slaves ffs!

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To clarify myself don't demonize the south as all racist stupid hicks. The north was also full of racism for example and feel free to look in a history book when the slaves were freed and some went to the *savior* north were left in the streets to freeze to death

Why are you guys being so serious? This is FML, not a history lesson. Just agree to disagree.

For all intents and purposes, Alabama is a different country.

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I'll give you a thumbs up just because it's nice to see somebody spell "all intents and purposes" correctly.

I thought it was "All intense in purpoises." Are you trying to tell me I was lied to my whole life?

Porpoises* ****. Well out the window with that joke, then.

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I thought it was "For all intensive purposes". Maybe I'm stupid.

#126 is right. Look up a list of countries. A country goes by the name Georgia. The state is not the only place with the name Georgia.

Safe youreself the energy.. She sounds two sandwiches short of a picknick

Netherlands, Germany and a bunch of other places write it as "Picknick", while e.g. the French and Portugese use "Piquenique".

Man, she's from the Netherlands, cut her some slack.. English is (at the least) her second language.

She probably doesn't even understand what the word "closed" means, either.

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I don't get it :( help me friends!

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he's referencing the FML above this one, where the op had to deal with the rantings of an idiot who found a "closed" sign confusing

If it was Georgia I could understand where she's coming from...but no. Run away. I don't know how it's even possible to be that stupid.

Obviously some people didn't get the joke...there's both a country and a state named Georgia. Should be self-explanatory now.

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Don't expect the highest IQ on this site.

I don't think this belongs on here. it sounds like you're, by leaps and bounds, better off.