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Today, I met the girl who dumped me because the distance between us was too great. We're in the same city again. She's now dating a Marine in Iraq. FML
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honestly I didn't post this to get people like you telling me how awesome she is for doing that.. by the way..


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He said she dumped him BECAUSE of the long distance. It was an excuse. The whole he worth it/ or not... I doubt she met the marine in person or "dated" him long enough to decide that. PS People inter military **** and cheat just as much. Haven't enlisted yet but have friends who've been in from 4-10 years, more or less. No disrespect was intended by anyone from what I see here.

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Hate to break it to ya Army girlfriend, but your still a civilian yourself. That being said you being only an Army girlfriend, doesn't mean you share the same hard ships as an Army spouse. So don't try stepping in and acting like you know it all, because you don't.

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No shit you are an army girlfriend that's your screen name. I, and I'm sure everybody on this site, isnt interested in having a pity party for you. You knew what you were getting into when you started dating him, so I wouldn't expect much sympathy. And he knew what he was getting into when he joined the army. I respect him and all the others who decided to fight for their country, but they all knew what they were getting into. And what makes the OP "not a real man"? It's pretty obvious that you are completely biased against him. And I agree that it's possible that OP may not have been worth the long distance, but how does that make him " not a real man"? Are you saying everyone who isn't in the army isn't a real man?

I have no idea why army girlfriend is pissed at saywhat…

Your a b*tch you don't do shit what hardships do you go through trying to keep in touch why do you take pride in being an army girlfriend take pride when your IN the army not if your dating someone who is

Oh girl. Do NOT give me this bullshit that "it's the hardest job in the military" and "you have no idea what we go through." Yes, you make sacrifices but honestly, the hardest job in the military IS the military. I hate women like this. You chose to either be in a relationship knowing the sacrifice so don't whine and complain to everyone. You obviously don't understand the reasons that we choose to serve, otherwise instead of whining, you would be proud enough not to complain. In actuality, yes, everyone cheats. But many women connect themselves to military personnel for the benefits and then tend to cheat when that person is deployed. It is a huge statistic. Yes, it takes a lot to be with someone like that, but part of the sacrifice is NOT complaining.

By the way dumb bitch, you can't call other people civis when you ARE one yourself. The fact that you actually distinguish yourself and put yourself up there with military personnel really pisses me off.

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OH.. just a little FYI for #8 here.. she dumped him because he came back for a week and he was screwing somebody else and she found out and she was screwing somebody else.. therefore.. screw you "armygirlfriend"

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honestly I didn't post this to get people like you telling me how awesome she is for doing that.. by the way..

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If she's a cheater, why would you want her, anyway? You should be glad she cheated on someone else instead of you.

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My best guess being in the military too is that her "relationship" with the Marine is over by now also. Forget that chick. Trust me you have a lot better selection of women than that guy does in the desert.

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not worth it - she clearly acquired poor taste after breaking up with you :p

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Poor taste because you're not man enough to join the Marines? Semper Fi.

In America, you can't beat a Devil-Dog. OORAH!

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armygirlfriend - Someone I care for very deeply is a marine. Even I have to say, though, wearing a hat with a metal eagle on it and a khaki uniform does NOT make someone special. I care for her because I care for HER. not for her rank. And what makes you say that most if not all army lovers don't cheat? Maybe they do, maybe they don't, you don't know for sure, neither do I. For crying out loud, being a soldier does NOT make you a perfect person...or warrant any respect at all. It's being YOU that warrants that respect. No one ever realizes that. People often accuse me of being pro terrorist for this. Frankly, both sides disgust me. I've also been called many things for "not supporting the troops." I support the soldiers IN the corps with my life. I don't support the corps. And I CERTAINLY don't support anyone ignorant enough to think that a rank given by a politician is a halo...or those insecure enough to think they can leech off of a soldier's "honor" by supporting them blindly. To saywhat...that really sucks. She's one of the people I mentioned above. Find someone who deserves you. She's out there somewhere.