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Today, I was watching a movie at my girlfriend's house with her and her parents. There was a part where a brother and sister kissed, so I said "where'd they come from, Alabama?" Today is also the day I found out my girlfriend's parents are from Alabama. FML
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43- that's the REAL issue here.
hahah that annoys me SO much, especially when people repeat lines they thought were funny or say "did you see that?!". OP, don't ruin the movie, the you wont have to worry about this!

  futtgoredo  |  0

I come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee. I'm gonna Louisiana, my true love for to see. oh susana, now don't you cry for meeee, cause I'm going to Alabama with a banjo on my knee!!!!!

  aldotheapache  |  0

Alabama really isn't like that. I do make jokes about Alabama. even though it's a nice place, I like my native North better. i do sometimes feel out of place with my non-accented, liberal, agnostic self, but hey. it keeps things interesting.

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ms Jessie I wonder why anyone would forgo the date and go straight for the sex... perhaps with your bra hangin out for all the internet to see, no man feels the need for formalities. I'd go straight for the sex with a hoe like you.

  tincans  |  0

People can have the pictures they choose to have. It doesn't involve you, and i'm sure Jessie doesn't care about your opinion. She gets ragged on enough for it. If she likes her picture, she should be able to have it without everyone bitching about it. Can't blame her for the Internet pedos nowadays.

  nerdsgetmehot  |  22

#94 Word! I can't stand it when people criticize how other people look. How other people look isn't the most important thing anyway, and most people criticize others just to make themselves feel superior.

  beepelati  |  5

i think n. 7 is a pretty girl! people like being mean to others on the Internet because it's sooo easy, but they don't realize how others could be hurt.

  bluegoldfish  |  7

i agree with #100. besides, even if her pic is showing too much flesh for your liking its not really your business to complain, if it offends you that much here's a REALLY SIMPLE solution-try not looking at it. And just in general, don't insult people you don't know over the internet, it's not nice and as you don't know anything about them you're hardly in a position to have a proper contextually accurate argument...sigh...