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Today, my girlfriend of almost a year, and to whom I intended to propose on Thanksgiving, dumped me because her husband will be returning from Iraq soon. And he wants to have a "talk" with me. I didn't know she was married. FML
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hahaha "a talk"... i'd start running. now.

marriage proposal after less than a year? On your first date, did you also rub her belly and say, "Soon, this will be plump with my seed"?


Very possible she made up the 'hubby' just to scare you off.

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If he's blaming the guy who "seduced his wife" before his wife for being too easily seduced, that's a FHL. There was a possibility that you didn't know of her relationship status (which was true) while his wife knew about it 100%. What? Did she "forget" that she was married?

If the husband was made up I'd doubt she tell the guy that he was going to have a talk with him. She would have just said her husband was returning home. Oh, and shes a ***** for messing around on her husband, especially since hes in a fucken war.

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hahaha "a talk"... i'd start running. now.

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I don't believe it for a second. How did her friends not say a thing for a YEAR? there is such a thing as stupidly in love, I guess

^^^This. I was gonna can you go for an entire year without meeting any of her friends? And if you have met her friends, why didn't they tell you she was married when she introduced you as her boyfriend? Or did she just keep saying "friend" to keep them in the dark about the fact that she was riding your disco stick? And if she did do that, then did you never bother to correct her and say "no, I'm her boyfriend" or something along those lines? FYL for being used by a horribly horrible woman. F her husband's life for having to come home to this bullshit. And I hate to say it, but YDI for not figuring it out sooner. Oh, and......start running. A very angry (and cuckolded) soldier who wants to have a "talk" with you? Yeeeeah....about that...the talk will involve his fist, the butt of a gun, or some other hard object making repeated contact with very fragile parts of your body, including (but not limited to) your penis, testicles, face, and kidneys. If you're a Christian, may I suggest getting a priest to read you your Last Rites before you meet her husband?

Or maybe her friends are bitches too and were in on the secret. It's not shocking how terrible some women are these days and how much they'll back up their best friend, no matter how evil she is.

Yea seriously cause even if her friends hate the husband one of them should still have enough of a moral conscience to say SOMETHING. If they were too horrid of people to do such a thing OP ought to have known at least a few of them well enough to know that they are morally bankrupt and that if all of someone's friends are morally ****** so quite likely is that person and you need to watch your shit with them, no propose

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this is why i support gun control. if this escalates, this guy could die. Also, tennessee is in the heartland of redneckistan, so OP better watch out. That woman is a dirty, dirty *****. She should be proud of her husband.

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this isn't high school where people's friends hang around them in clusters, he might have never met her friends. since they are adults it's entirely plausible.

On a side note, sadly many women and men who are married to people in the military hang out with each other. Many of these people are aware and sometimes even accepting of the fact that when a partner is gone for a long period of time stationed somewhere else that "things" happen. It is sad, but it is true. I know many people in the military who situations like this have happened to.

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8, disco stick? really? it's called a penis

Why would the friends want to cause unnecessary tension between each other by interfering into her love life?

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He probably wants to invite you to a three-way. Yeah, that's it! Make sure you lube up your butt real good before you go over in case he wants to do something other to your ass than kick it.

FYL and **** that asshole! if what she said is true, why does she tell her husband about you?? I'd suggest you really try talking to him, telling him that she never told you about him, even though he'll probably break your nose before you can even say a word.

I back this statement. Don't run away, that will only imply guilt in his eyes. Take the initiative and contact him first. Invite him to get a drink with you or meet you somewhere. Tell him how it went down, and leave it at that. Don't contact either of them again after that. If you're really worried about him beating you up, meet him in a public place. The important part, though, is to take the initiative. That is, if he's even real.

public place or not, the guy was screwing his wife for a year while he was overseas. if he comes to meet you he's gonna bring an asswhoopin

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You want to propose to someone you barely know? YDI

marriage proposal after less than a year? On your first date, did you also rub her belly and say, "Soon, this will be plump with my seed"?

Ah, so you've been here from the beginning too?

loool I never even knew it was possible to self-reference

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That's not the beginning. We must go deeper.