By princesspuffypan - 05/10/2011 06:23 - South Africa

Today, I was supposed to get married but we had to postpone as the best man fled the country. With the marriage certificate and vendor money. Not to mention the rings. FML
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princesspuffypan tells us more.

This is my FML... yes I am married now and no the cops didn't catch him. The reason he was best man in the first place was due to family politics. We managed to have a small wedding shortly after but we still had to pay cost of cancellation.

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So much for being the best man. That royally sucks - I can only wish that the karma wheel rolls him flat.


So much for being the best man. That royally sucks - I can only wish that the karma wheel rolls him flat.

op I feel so sorry for you hunt him down and kick his asssss

I understand the money and rings but what can he do with your marriage cert

Depending what country he fled to, maybe he'll forge the certificate with some woman so he can't be deported? That's the only thing I can think of, and I'm probably wrong.

Im just gonna polish these for ya on my way to quba...

I've heard of party crashers before, but this is ridiculous...

Is julle van die plein af of van benoni, net in afrika lol

It must have been the wedding ring that was dropped in the garbage.

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Quba? Is that next to china? O.O

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Postpone? Wouldn't you want to just end it all if he up and left you abandoned there on such an important event? Maybe OP should consider it a blessing that they DIDNT get married. At least now she didn't have to go through a painful marriage that may very well have , by the looks of sir-douche-alot- ended up in divorce!

Nevermind I completely take that back. I read the whole fml wrong. Apologies

72. It wasn't her husband that left. Read it again carefully next time, so you can process everything that was said.

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its probably in a garbage can at a fast food place

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hmm he probably had a good reason lol

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103- I see what you did there :p

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Someone doesn't know how to count! Lol

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Noo! A boner's joke can't be thumbed down!

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Could you guys suck his dick anymore?

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46, I believe the proper term would be sucking his boner.

I can just picture a few days later the best man will be posting, Today, I was arrested by police because of a misunderstanding. My best friend paid me to run off with all of his credentials so he could finally have an excuse to get out of marrying his psycho soon to be wife. What he didn't tell me is that she would flip shit and call every police department known to man. FML.

Are you sure you didn't accidently drop it in the trash and blame the bestman?

Shouldn't we be focusing on the fact that there are 2 3s

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The FML staff is trying to keep us on our toes by duplicating the numbers. Tricky tricky you guys!

Can someone explain what he means? I don't understand what he is trying to say.

Well I imagine Interpol will be looking for a certain someone soon....

Just how did you find a best man like that? Sorry OP, hope you're able to continue your wedding on well /:

My deepest condolences for either your, or your other half's lack of judgment of character

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Are they large? Personally I don't think so.

If that's the best man all the other guys you know must really suck : I hope you manage to get them back