By HappyGirl / Tuesday 28 October 2008 15:57 / France
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good emus nicely impregnate ugly snails

  starberries  |  0

#77 wasn't using the phonetic alphabet, he was making a joke, you moron.

  gigity  |  0

wouldn't that be the army alphabet?

By  blueyedgrl0108  |  0

yeah, you need to reword that...it sounds like you guys had sex. but my little sister told me the facts of life too, she said that people don't just have sex to make babies hahaha. she's 9, and i told her nothing.

By  skierguy  |  0

Does this imply that you didn't know how babies are made at 15? Even if you don't have sex ed in your schools (which seems unlikely), surely you would have picked it up somewhere?

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