By Anonymous - 12/11/2010 07:06 - Canada

Today, at work I was looking for my lost wallet. After hours of looking I gave up and went home. The wallet then shows up in my mail box with an envelope marked "To the asshole." I opened the letter and it was filled with poop. My wallet too. FML
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Quest_ 13

Poop usually comes FROM the asshole.

munkee_6669 0

looks like you're -takes off shades- dealing with a shitty situation. YEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!


well did you do something to deserve that?

no body deserves to get their wallet stolen and shat in

Not even Osama?

DevianceIsBliss 0

What about Hitler?

What about Glenn Beck?

How about Ignorance? lolwutwhosaidthat :-)

How about Obama?

How about Ash Ketchum?

I think I deserve it :/

lol, this is the second time I reply and get number 66 :)

Ash doesn't deserve that. Gary Motherfucking Oak on the other hand...

dudeitsdanny 9

Gary Motherfucking Oak doesn't receive shit, he is the shit. Don't get them confused. He's the Chuck Norris of the pokemanz world. Ash can eat shit.

How about Twilighters?

I_Ate_The_Cookie 0

What about Rebecca Black?!?!?:o

wow that really sucks. oh well, free manure!! :D

:O yay! now you can have pretty flowers!

zeron 0


I'm sorry that's so sad!!

YDI for sleeping with your boss' wife!

How exactly do you know this, were you there? Are you psychic?

Quest_ 13

Poop usually comes FROM the asshole.

ha ha. OP should send it back and say "From the asshole."

lmao!! true!

WolfsGuns 0

lol @9, funny ;D

#8 that was a very classy comment...i tip my hat to you sir

suzuki2005 2

chin up, at least you got your wallet back lol

SoundnVasion 0

Are you sure it wasn't "From the asshole"?

lemonypower 6

joke was already made

munkee_6669 0

looks like you're -takes off shades- dealing with a shitty situation. YEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

Not again!! I hate these shitty jokes.

ShadyFTW1 0

That wasn't even clever.

Marinus, the "shitty situation" jokes nearly made it into my rules. It was funny the first 3 times, faintly amusing the next 2, and now it's pedestrian and formulaic.

Why, oh why did you take your rules down? They summed up FML in a fun and amusing piece of writing. On a side note, I feel honored to be on your list. Yea, I used to find shitty jokes pretty funny, along with sammich and soviet Russia jokes, but they do get boring, overused and annoying after a while. We gotta come up with a new funky craze!

RedPillSucks 31

We need an FML FAQ. You hear that, moderators??? FAQ Q!!!!! FAQ Q!!!!!

Marinus, I like to change things up to keep things interesting. I liked the rules too, and I still have them in my back pocket. Red, I'm secretly developing an unofficial FAQ. I'll probably get banned for it. You hear that mods? Come and get some!!

sourgirl101 28

FAQ "Q"? What does the extra Q stand for? For a moment, I thought RPS was talking to me. And look! I made DocBastard's like list too.(: (I did love your rules also. I wouldn't mind scrolling down to see it if you had it on the bottom.) Marinus, I like that phase "new funky craze".

sourgirl- say "FAQ Q" out loud three times fast. Get it now ;) The rules are not dead, just on vacation. They have been replaced by the new Unofficial FML FAQ. Oh, and I really love Justin Bieber.

sourgirl101 28

I got it. Funny!

Now the only question I have is, will the mod responsible for changing my comment to "I love Justin Bieber" admit to it? :)

funzcpl 0

yes. fyl.