By jailbirdlove - 11/10/2010 01:38 - United States

Today, my girlfriend and I were making love. Her phone rang, and she stopped to answer it. It was her ex-boyfriend, calling her from jail. She talked to him for 15 minutes. To top it all off, before she hung up, I heard her tell him she loved him, and couldn't wait for him to get out. FML
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Sounds like your girlfriend never considered you her boyfriend. I'm not saying what she did was right. But maybe she just wanted a "friends with benefits" situation until her convict (ex)boyfriend got out of jail? Idk. It sucks though. FYL, nobody deserves to go through that.


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#2 you think? OP if you ask me, you were just her booty call while her ex was in jail haha.

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I think you were just to fill in the "void" that her ex left behind.

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you been gettin played, "homie!" But at least you got laid!! Also doesn't look like she thinks your her bf. Dummie

jamaltheblackguy is a white guy using pictures of black guys.

why does everyone seem to pick on ignorance?

leave her alone 77. I don't see a real picture of you. can I say that you're a girl stealing pictures of a dude she stalks?

can you actually spell out words correctly or are you just too lazy? and how am I a dumb ho? it's not like I knew your name was cam'ron. now I don't want to start shit on the Internet cause that's just stupid. I just wanted to know why people are always picking on ignorance

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OP- She better be ex-girlfriend by now...if not, kick that bitch to the curb.

everyone picks on ignorance cause she is mean and hurtful to everyone!!!!!!!!

#86, Haha! I just realised you're that god chick from that other fml who picked on ignorance. I'm just going to ring in here, to say that ignorance has numerous photos of herself, all looking alike. She would not have gone to that much effort to 'act' like a girl. She isn't hurtful, she says it how it is. If you can't handle the truth...get back in the basement.

ummmmmm.......... btw I NEVER said anything about her pretending to be someone else I think you have the wrong person on that one and yes I am "that God chick" and I don't care what you think of me is I believe or not and I think I can handle it I handle way worse people in my life worse than ignorance and I say what I think but I'm not a bitch about it like her and she is hurtful!

Yes, Taylah, I wasn't meaning to say you were the person questioning her identity. That was directed to the person who said it, sorry. I still do not believe ignorance is a bitch. I think she just respects the English language and isn't fake.

well Sarah,, oviously we have very different opinions I have just been seeing alot of her comments as hurtful and bitchy to others and myself and it comes across like she intends it

I personally just believe she is saying her opinion, one of the reasons FML was created. Good bye.

everyone says there opinion and I agree with that,, that is why FML was created,, but she is hurtful and you and I are here saying our opinions and it's not hurtful one bit. she is mean when she says it

the reason FML was created is that some losers had too much time to cry about their sorry lives, and instead of solving their problems like mature and responsible people, they choose to post them on a website for everyone else to see, without any upside to it whatsoever.

Ignorance is picked on bc that bitch picks on everyone else and is a grammar Nazi. I mess with people on here for my own sick entertainment but I don't understand constantly correcting everyone's spelling or grammatical errors on some BS website. Most people post on here from their cell phones so they abbreviated or miss-type.

She is using you, no big deal, try to stop yourself from developing feelings for her and use her just for sex, turn this into a win-win situation, later find another ****-buddy and hope her real BF doesn't kill you^^

she being picked on because there's always one girl on FML that half of FML hates and calls a bitch and the other half defends like they know her. basically she's the new snickerdoodles haha. funny it's always a girl tho.

he isn't Camron the guy in the picture is Camron, a rapper

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Why are compassionate statements like this a minority here? Thanks, FS.

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I hope it wasn't while you still inside her that's just selfish of her she should have let you cum first.

looks like she couldnt wait for you to get out either..... out of her! Bam!

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nah, he kept nailing the bitch ahaha

YDI for not waiting until marriage before having sex.

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Yes #5. Now cue the responses from all the butthurt people.

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that's a virgin or a pussys response for ya.

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Everyone look at the cool guy with his cool wolf tattoo.

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Aw, did you change your picture all for little old me? :) I'm flattered, although you kind of took a step in the wrong direction.

Abstinence doesn't directly relate with religion.

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49: Are you serious? yes it does. In fact, marriage is a religious ordeal. even if people don't want to admit it.

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Actually, marriage is just a way for the government and church to make money on your behalf. Also, waiting until marriage directly relates to a horrible sex life. If you're a female, wouldn't you want your first time to last more than 5 seconds? I think so. Obviously, it can be fixed over the course of a year or two, but sex in marriage is important. Having to wait a tear or two for good, gratifying sex will cause people to look elsewhere, effectively ending your marriage. And why deny natural urges until you're married? Humans are born to breed. We're not supposed to mate for life.

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People who get married just so they can have sex are getting married for the wrong reasons.

@125 - No, it doesn't. But I like your argument, "Are you serious? No, I'm right, even if you don't want to admit it." Retard. @129 - The government, and apparently church (for wherever the hell you're living in where the church has some influence whatsoever), make less or more money depending on your income in the U.S. If the two make similar incomes, they will pay more taxes married, but if their income differences has a wider gap then they will pay a smaller joint tax than when single. I don't know where you're going at with that 5 second crap, as the other spouse might have had more experience before marrying their partner. No, you're probably just a moron who can't control yourself. Stop preaching to the world. Because we live in the year 2010 and our means for survival have changed. Some people find comfort knowing you're not rummaging the area where others have been beforehand.

My comment got deleted, so I typed this up. But now it's back, so enjoy another long post. @125 - No, clearly I am right and you are wrong, even if you don't want to admit it. See what I did there? @129 - I don't know where you live, but the church doesn't have influence in the U.S. government. In the U.S., the amount of money you gain or lose depends on how much income both people make. You sound like you are speaking from experience. A year? Two years? Are you talking from experience again? Believe it or not, some people aren't idiots and are loyal enough to control their urges. Sorry you have a problem with that. Yes, because overpopulation and seeing teenage mothers walking the streets with a herd of kids is what we need more of.

ummm u know what I'm waiting til I'm married cuz the thing that scares me is the age when girls get HPV shot is 10-24 10!!! that frigging scares me that a 10 year old would even think about sex and more and more people are dieing from sexually trans mitted disease so one of the number one causes for death is sexually trans mitted disease like herpes HPV HIV AIDS I'd rather wait till I'm married so I live to be the age when I get married and seriously who would wanna sleep around and get warts on their junk!!

ydi for failing ydi for having a gf with a cellphone ydi for having a sex drive.

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Agreed Op deserves the worst for expecting a woman, whose ex is a criminal, to give him anything that resembles a stable relationship with actual emotion.

wow that sucks well move on there's always someone better!

Move on man. Don't waste your time on her.