By wtfrelationship - 21/10/2009 04:07 - Singapore

Today, I told my girlfriend over MSN that we had to talk. I log on to facebook and the first thing I see is that she changed our relationship from "In a Relationship" to "It's Complicated." FML
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We should make a search team. So we can find the FML in this post.

Facebook, the quickest message deliverer ever


Facebook, the quickest message deliverer ever

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not fml worthy.

Weeell whenever a gf/bf say " we have to talk" the person automatically thinks theyre breaking up with them. So thats prob why

Yes it is...kinda

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Facebook is awesome, what are you on?

fmylife obviously

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Well, what were you going to talk to her about?

Oh no! If Facebook says it then the prophecy will be fulfilled!

We should make a search team. So we can find the FML in this post.

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hahaha mercyFML that was good.

Who the **** moderated this shit. This fml is worse than Godfather 3.

It's better than your joke.

it's still pretty bad though

agree I mean like if you say you wanna talk I guess she assumed that your relation is a bit complicated

"We have to talk" almost never ends well, and "it's complicated" doesn't mean broken up. Get over it, have the talk, next time dont be so cryptic about it. Who cares if people see the status change?

One time I told my current fiance "we need to talk", and when we met up I told him I loved him for the first time. It ended up being a great thing! For people who assume "we need to talk" = breakup, you're paranoid idiots who need to take the time to talk to your significant other before assuming things.

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You decided to get married before you knew you loved the person? Man, you're screwed up.

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she said her current fiance; she wasn't engaged to him at the time.

Facebook is quite boring.

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worst. FML. ever.