By Anonymous - 10/11/2009 17:53 - United States

Today, I talked to my crush for twenty minutes at Wal-mart. Then I realized I forgot to take off my Weight Watchers meeting nametag. FML
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who cares? if you're fat, he already knows you're fat. now he knows you're doing something about it.


Veritas143 0

haha i know is he going to be like.."Oh my gosh you're fat! I had no idea!" I mean come on..all that says is you are trying to lose weight..big deal

I agree. At least you weren't caught splurging on junk food or something. You're making an effort to get healthy, why would he look down on you? If he DOES look down on you for that, what do you need him for? Surround yourself with people who will support you, not make fun of you or think badly of you for being healthy.

if there was a girl that liked me, and I noticed she was trying to lose weight, that would make more likely to like her

Sun_Kissed18 25

hahaha nice #17, you made me laugh :) and agreeeed. At least he doesn't think you are lazy. Though that might be a tad embarassing, oh well!

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Not only you're making an effort but you also inadvertently showed him that you are not afraid to let the world know, so to speak. FYL for being embarrassed of your own strengths!

americuzz 8

I don't think this is an fml. at least ur trying

who cares, flawnt that tag like it's your own pride and joy!!!!

who cares? if you're fat, he already knows you're fat. now he knows you're doing something about it.

Exactly, write skinny bitch on it.. problem solved!

it shows that youre proud that youre choosing to be healthy

Who cares your doing something about it! Be proud your trying

DeathByFalchion 0

Once I wore my WW nametag in public all day by mistake...I'm sure it's no big deal.

He still talked to you for twenty minutes. That's pretty nice. Obviously the tag didn't bother him.

my thoghts exactly. not to mention most guys do like some curves.

hahaha omg hw embarassing, but i agree at least ur doing something about it

I don't get how this is embarrassing??

I'm pretty sure the WW nametag didn't make him suddenly realize that you're overweight. Just keep at it!

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If he talked to you for 20 minutes he doesn't care that you're fat or he doesn't care that you're fat and he doesn't like you. Be confident and think it's the first one.

If you're worried about him thinking you're fat because of the nametag, that doesn't make any sense. He can see what you look like, you know.