By anx133 - China
Today, like any other day I struggled to put my boots on, went to pee and noticed my pants were covered in what looked like a green dust. I touched it, sniffed it, and it smelled utterly horrendous. So I took my boots off again only to find that one of my cats had took a dump in one of them. FML
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By  cturtle  |  2

What?! Am I the only one who thinks this makes NO sense at all?

Let's see if I've got this. You're struggling to put your boots on, which makes you have to pee. Okay, a little odd but I've heard stranger.

So as you're peeing you notice a green dust on your pants. This is where you lose me. So your cat takes a dump in your boot which causes smelly green dust to appear on your pants? Or your cat craps green dust which then magically turns into a turd and finds it's way into your boot??

Please explain to me how the green dust and the crap are related.

By  wushay  |  0

I think I get it...

While struggling to get your boots on, I'm guessing you smeared the green dust, aka, dried cat poop on your knee area, since, the poop was already in your boots. especially the top part of it. =/

then you go to the loo, sit on the toilet bowl, you know, staring mode on, you then notice that something was on your knee area.

so you checked it out and verified what it was. :P

By  53XYJ355  |  0

erm is the green dust ment to ne discharge?!
and coz u apparently had no idea what discharge is you thought it was related to a cat crapping in your boot..?