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By  kmeredith  |  8

also I think the word 'love' is used very loosely these days... there isn't love at first sight... there is lust and passion but love comes from a mutual respect for each other and ur time together, lust slowly grows into love... sorry just my opinion :)

  Carpy  |  8

OP, that bitch is just using you to get to your friend. I'd find a way to make her feel guilty for doing that then move on. The next girl you like you should probably try a more blunt method of letting her know otherwise this could happen to you repeatedly.

  PurpleRae420  |  0

And you did it why you shoudnt have gave her that satisfaction I wouldve just walked out and have told your best friend to come get this bitch because she deserves to be stranded for that!!!

  ImThePope  |  2

Man up OP, I'm sorry but if you would have grown some balls and said 'no fuck you' things would have turned out better for you. You should have walked out like someone above said. She sounds like a bitch, don't talk to her anymore. Then, when she comes to you, making it obvious she likes you, don't give her a chance. Make her work for it. Eventually she will realize the mistake she made.

  Blueglasscup  |  18

3 of your comments got moderated in a row?! What the hell did you do?

On topic: The way this FML was worded made me think that the girl was actually OP's girlfriend... That would've been hella worse.

  Link5794  |  18

When I first read this, I read that OP's best friend died.

  DjeePee  |  24

What? OP got used? To be honest, that depends on the intentions of the girl. I mean, we don't know her, she might be a nice, sweet teenage girl who thought she was simply going to the movies with a good friend, completely unaware of the fact OP loves her and thinks it's a date.

By  ChiddyBANGr  |  13

Been in a situation really similar to yours, only I didn't date the chick. You'll get over it eventually :/ Nobody really knows how to take hints nowadays... Maybe next time you could try a more straight-forward approach

  clumsylittleme  |  11

Thank You! That's what I was thinking! Lots of other people keep saying "Bad date!", but it obviously wasn't a date if she did that. she probably thought you guys were going as friends.

But FYL for having that happen. But, YDI for doing it when you simply could have refused to. She didn't MAKE you. You CHOOSE to. There's a difference.