By Ladieda - 28/05/2012 10:15 - Netherlands - Apeldoorn

Today, my parents think it's so hot outside that it's okay for them to work in the garden naked. FML
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It's their house, it's their garden, so it's their rules. Don't like it? Don't look.

Hopefully your friends wont stop by today! Or the cops... FYL


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Yeah it sounds like something that should be on Fmylife.c--oh wait

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Let's hope it doesn't go that route

Darn I ran out of popcorn yesterday...

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Oh definitely. That would be fun..?

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Fun isn't the right word... Interesting? and if Netherlands is anything like New Jersey durning this time of year, one word, Bugs... Lots and lots of bugs. Damn you blood sucking disgusting multiple legged flying creatures!

Well don't let your parents have ALL the fun OP, join in and have some family bonding !

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I think that is actually illegal......

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I think I would shoot myself if my parents did that.... I'm so sorry that you had to witness that

You shouldn't say that 3. Unless, you've seen 2 girls 1 cup. It cannot be unseen... -_-

You'd shoot yourself? Seems a little drastic, don't you think?

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Why would those two things ever be your options ? They can always leave the house

He was obviously joking gosh life's too short live a little

I don't mean that I would literally shoot myself. It was an exaggeration & if you don't find your parents naked nasty then you have problems

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Until they eat the forbidden fruit. Then they have to put on clothes and leave, much to Op's relief.

Hopefully your friends wont stop by today! Or the cops... FYL

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It's not illegal to be nude on your own property. So the police won't be an issue

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If your outside and visible to other people/children then it's public nudity. Your house or not.

Check their location. People in the Netherlands are not so puritanical about the human body, laws are different everywhere.

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Here, police can't arrest you for public nudity if you're on your own property, so they usually just annoy you with tickets until you give up. After a few tickets for your grass being too high, or for your car being too far from the curb, most people would just go inside., in the Netherlands, the police can ticket you for neglecting your lawn, but they can't arrest you for exposing your naked body to the public so long as you're within your property line? Call me an ignorant closed-minded American, but that seems very ironic and hypocritical to me.

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Have you ever heard of sarcasm?

I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.... That's true in several U.S. states as well, including my own home state of Massachusetts. It's perfectly legal to be nude on your own property, even outdoors, so long as you're not actually doing anything lewd or obscene. (You won't, however, make any friends among your neighbors, and the cops might have a talk with you to let you know you're offending the neighbors and they might suggest that you cut it out.) This is NOT true everywhere. In Virginia, Eric Williamson made the news when he got arrested for indecent exposure. He went to his kitchen in the nude at (he claimed) 5:30 in the morning to make himself a cup of coffee before taking a shower, and one of the neighbors happened to look in his window and saw him. He was eventually found not guilty, but nonetheless, this case would seem to suggest that simple nudity on your own property is not flat-out legal in Virginia the way it is in Massachusetts.

I realize that different cultures have different attitudes about nudity & that laws reflect that, but you'd think a government so free with public nudity would be less tight ass about lawn care. If the cops can tell you to mow your lawn, they should be able to tell you to wear clothes in public view

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.... join them? ;) No, but, if you don't have neighbors, and it's really, really hot I don't blame them. Just avoid the garden, OP!

It's their house, it's their garden, so it's their rules. Don't like it? Don't look.

Hey Alan, why can't we thumb up FML mods' comments? They're always so awesome... Just know that if I could thumb you up, I would. :)

Alan, what Fritzl did is an abomination. What these parents are doing is harmless.

Had to google Josef Fritzl, and I'm not sure if I agree with Doc or Alan.

Well at least they won't get tan lines.

No no, agree with me. When in doubt, the bald one is wrong.

Since I can thumbs up doc, I agree with him. :P

I don't always agree with doc, but wow. Have to on this one. Josef fritzl was a monster. Regardless of what his defense attorney said on the first day of court.

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I dunno, 10 M&Ms is pretty impressive...which hole can you fit 10 M&Ms, Doc?

Is this seriously being compared to Fritzl? Way to skew the gravity of the situation and impose a "big brother" mentality. You're comparing a harmless lifestyle choice to a heinous sociopath simply through word association? People can't even get their daily dose of vitamin D without getting demonized these days...sheesh!

Br0c - Don't take Alan seriously. Ever.

"People can't even make a joke without getting demonised these days... sheesh!"

I know how to decide who to agree with! Eenee meenee min....

100 Alans messing with peoples heads. 1 fell down and bumped his head. Then came the doctor and then said. No more Alans jumping on the bed! Jk

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Or Alan was trying a shove 10 M&M's up his nose and had to call the doctor.

Whoa... Two mods in one thread? I feel like I just witnessed the first sunrise. My freedom fighter popped out. It seeped out and was influenced by reading articles on mind control, followed by reading this FML thread. Here, Alan. Let me help you put those m&ms up there. *offers m&ms* Regular or peanut? If you want to get fancy, there are pretzel and peanut butter varieties.

kinda gives you a uncontrollable boner seeing 2 mods in one thread

OMG 2 mods in one thread.... I have officially finished ecerything on my bucket list except the first thing, 1)lose virginity

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it's gettin hot in here, so take off all your clothes

I am, gettin' so hot. I needs take my cloooothes off! Great song, great album. (in case you don't know, 10 is referencing Hot in Herre by Nelly. The album is called Nellyville).

Thanks 32 but I'm pretty sure everyone has heard that song over 100 time by now.

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Not that it matter but you got the lyrics wrong.

32- Nelly is gay!! m/ METAL FOREVER m/

110 - I "sang" the part where the woman sang in the chorus. :P It actually is part of the song.

No 110, it's "I am getting so hot, I wanna take my clothes off" I thought you knew everything about that song?

No one said you had to look. Just go out with friends or stay in your bedroom. It might save your sanity and eyes.