By UniqueKay
Today, on our way home, my cousin, step dad and I noticed a man trying to kidnap a young girl. As good citizens, we called the police so they could catch the man. Nine police cars showed up at my house because dispatch told them we were the kidnappers. FML
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  Darebearius  |  7

If that was my sister or niece or cousin, then I would want someone to step in and ensure their safety. Why would anyone downvote this? Imagine that was you being kidnapped and people witnessed it yet did nothing to stop it. It's heartbreaking to think that could be the difference between that little girl seeing her family again or not.

  evilplatypus  |  38

Because you aren’t SUPPOSED to step in, unless there’s zero chance of injury. It’s easily possible OP would have escalated things to the point of someone getting killed.

  pins91  |  27

Depending on where in the world they are, that shit is dangerous.

  Nhayaa  |  21

@evilplatypus "zero chance of injury" says who? I once defied a guy hitting his girlfriend in the subway, everybody around watching somewhere else like nothing was happening. He tried to hit me too, she stoped him. I didn't care, I was ready.

  PhoenixChick  |  26

So, OP and family call the police to report a kidnapper. Commentors...

1) assume OP and family didnt interfere in anyway, despite the fact that in a short character limits OP might very well HAVE interfered but focused on the FML part, not the "i'm awesome"
2) assume OP and family have a duty to put themselves at any and all risk to stop a crime in process because their lives are apparantly worthless compared to a kid
3) lambast OP and family based only on knowing that they tried to help a child