By epicfail - 28/05/2011 06:45 - United States

Today, my boyfriend convinced me to sneak out. As I was climbing out of my 3rd floor window, he got a text and moved the ladder. Now I'm in the hospital with two broken ribs. FML
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footballfreak65 6

I dont know whether to laugh or feel bad for you honestly


footballfreak65 6

agreed, he had a perfect view of her ass (or better yet, if she was wearing a skirt) but he looked at his phone instead

swimchica22 0

wow time to get a new boyfriend!

notsocrazee 0

wow you're really fallin' for him aren't you?

wouldn't a ladder make more noise than a door shutting?

That's what you get for sneaking out of school. YDI for being a juvenile delinquent.

Please don't stay with him- he didnt care about you enough to Hold a ******* ladder for you

I don't think she was sneaking out of school...

I dont know whether to laugh or feel bad for you honestly

why would he move the ladder if he just got a text?

Especially men. Good for OP that she knows where his priority's are.

mattmadden 0

Well 35 if you feel like being sexist go right ahead. Realize that there are different flaws in every person. You can't criticize men for one man's flaws. Vice versa for women. I could say women are bad drivers. But the reality is there are women who are good drivers too. Anybody understand what I'm saying?

35 is right men can't multi task so they don't...women can and so they do...especially while driving which make them shitty drivers... sexism goes both ways.

KiddNYC1O 20

Still not top notch multitasking since they're "shitty drivers".

OhMeShell 3

Yeah, I hate to jump on the bandwagon here, but there really aren't THAT many women who are "good drivers".

60 I don't know about you, but even if you are the goddess of multitasking, it sounds like a pretty dumb idea to do it while driving.

61 you confuse me...I am not a woman...I have been in 3 accidents but have never been in an accident where I am the one driving the car.

iReadFmlsFml 0

5, exactly what I was thinking

flighted 1

he probably moved it so he could get his phone out his pocket or something. I doubt he was already holding his keys and the ladder at the same time to begin with

flighted 1

phone* I dunno where the "keys" part came into my cmnt.

That0therguy 4

His phone was from the early 70s.

iAmScrubs 19

That's why it always helps to install a foam pit in your front/back yard.

I've got one :) comes in handy all the time

I hope you learned your lesson? don't sneak out of third story buildings

ifbrockd 0

that's what front doors are for

Your boyfriends an ass if he prioritises a text, over the safety of his girlfriend. Either that, or he cant handle more than on task at a time, and has ADD...

iAmScrubs 19

keevarou- He had a short attention span and, when the text came, he forgot about his girlfriend.

ADD stands for Attention Deficit Disorder, meaning it's difficult to concentrate on one thing for long. Otherwise known as having a short attention span...

Actually, a lot of people DO have it. It's not a rare thing to have it and not notice because it's extremity can vary. Chances are that many people with a short attention span actually have ADD, but it isn't severe enough to seriously impact their life so they don't go to the doctor for it.

Trust me, I don't have... ohh! what's that over there?

I have ADOLAS. Attention Deficit Oh Look A Squirrel.

It was part of his despicable plan OP. You were supposed to break your neck upon impact and he would live happily ever after with the other girlfriend he has!