By pinoyson - 11/10/2009 21:24 - United States

Today, I was texting a girl that I've liked for some time. When I asked her what she was doing, she replied "texting and p.s. I love you". I replied by telling her my feelings for her. Turns out "p.s. I love you" was the name of the movie she was watching with her friends. FML
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Aww. Didn't it kind of sound like a random thing for her to say? That sucks anyway. Hopefully you didn't scare her.


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Haha you dumbass. I love that movie

Actually, not so dumb. She never mentioned actually watching the movie. Take out "texting and" and all you have is "[I'm] p.s. I love you" ... how does that mean "I'm watching P.S. I Love You"? So it's her fault for being a stupid twit.

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No, it's his fault for confessing his feelings via text in the first place.

Texting, it's the only way people express their feelings, sorrows, and breakups these days.

He thought she did admitted her feelings in the first place. Why not reply in that manner? Let's rework the FML... "Today, the guy I like texted me, asking what I was doing. Feeling brave, I responded "texting and p.s. I love you." He never replied. FML." IE: If she had meant it like he thought she did, then him NOT responding would have screwed it up, unless he immediately hopped in the car and came over... then I guess that can be called spontaneously romantic, but it's a good thing he didn't since that's not what she meant. What he did wasn't wrong in the slightest, he was just misfortunate.

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If I expected that someone confessed their feelings for me through a text message, I would call them. Interpretation and personal expression are just as important as the words you choose, so if you throw that out the window by limiting yourself to a text message then you deserve it. Emotions =/= emoticons.

You can express yourself through text. How the hell do you think poetry started? lol Okay, sure, calling might have been better, but generally we're a sheep-esque species. We tend to do what the another person does first. Is it always what you should do? No... but I don't think she would have faulted him for spilling his heart out in text if that's what she did first, and in any case I don't think it's right to.

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At least you got it out there in the open. If she didn't take it the way you hoped, then you at least found out that she was a lost cause. Even if she said "I mean the movie" you should've said " mistake...though it doesn't make what I said any less true." Though if someone texting me something like that, I'd immediately call them and see if it really was what I thought it was and not something else, like it was here. You don't really deserve anything. You professed your feelings, which were true, to the girl you liked. Is that really a bad thing?

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Poetry started by word of mouth. And you can hardly argue that it is a clear means of communication of one's feelings. You can almost never discern the authors original intent in decent poetry, there's an entire critical movement about it. We are a sheepish society because people continually fail to fault people for being sheepish. If the lemming would simply stop and say, "Hey guys, maybe jumping off this cliff isn't the best way to go about this" their reputation might be a little more respectable. I mean, I text all the time. I'm not going to crucify the guy, but he could have given the situation a little more thought.

Reason tends to go right out the window when we're enamored. [shrugs]

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lol guys, we're alright, its not like we're not friends anymore (pinoyson here btw)

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awwwww i feel bad for the op. i would probably do the same thing, dont worry

Aww. Didn't it kind of sound like a random thing for her to say? That sucks anyway. Hopefully you didn't scare her.

Haha one time I was watching "you again" with my friend and txting my other friend and he asked what we were doing and I replied "we're watching you again" it freaked him out a little and took some explaining on my part ;)

eh, dont sweat it too much its an easy mistake to make

Awww. Well, at least you opened up? Of course you come off as random as hell but...

FAIL! you totally deserve that one lolol!

How does he deserve it? Would you have known she was talking about a movie? No, you wouldn't. So stop assuming he would.

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Epic fail, but that still sucks man :/

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You deserve it, you California liberal. California used to be great conservative Christian state that gave rise to Ronald Reagan, but is now full of hippies and illegal Mexicans.