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By  Linkshot  |  5

This happened to me and I was completely pissed off. I was too shy and gentlehearted to confront her about it, though, and ended up drifting away. She had a sciency flare to her, too ;-; Oh well. No regrets. I'm currently happy relationship-wise right now.

By  dontaskdonttell  |  7

I've done this... but I really didn't think I was ready for a relationship. I had gotten out of a bad relationship a few months before, then had to break up with a guy I didn't think I was dating within that week. I didn't want to deal with guys and was going out of state later that day to get away from it all!! I ended up meeting my husband the week I was out of state.

By  intensify  |  5

Yeah sorry but #13 is right. Girls say that to guys that have been put on the friendship train so that they can keep being friends with you but not have to date you.

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