By allinicolesmh - 08/08/2011 16:03 - United States

Today, my dad said he can't go to my graduation because he has to work. He got fired a month ago. FML
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Dude, your dad's a jackass.

And father of the year award goes to...


Dude, your dad's a jackass.

Shadow1368 17

I'm sorry OP. If your dad has to make up excuses like that, you probably shouldn't want him there anyway. And think on the bright side.. maybe he got a new job? Just try telling him it's important to you and hopefully he will still go. Best of luck to you trying to convince him! :)

Pixxio_O 11

Blackmail him? Or bribe...

And not the highly rated movie series either

Dude, your dad's a drug dealer

he could have been looking for a job

eminemchick 19

shit in his toilet!:)

He coulda got a new job. You don't only get 1 job and that's it. unless you are from soviet Russia...

For some people graduations are real emotional. For my mom the end of the school year is. Worst case scenario is "he's just not that into you"

allinicolesmh 0

I took summer classes dear. It's a small group but a big deal for me.:/

Tell him you can't go to his funeral because you'll be too busy making money he's never had.

allinicolesmh 0

^I would never do that..

Hahahahahaha I like your dad

a_nutritionist 10

if he actually has a new job or is doing something to make money, YDI. if not, FYL. i honestly dont see the big deal about people not being at a graduation. if the tickets to mine werent free id have just told everyone ill take lots of photos and theyll feel like they were there. its just a graduation...

He knows how to show love to his child

Did you punch him?

Five years later... "Sorry, I can't go to your wedding kiddo, but I'm being held up at the office."

And father of the year award goes to...

Me! Because I eat my kids!

gan4sula 2

Comon dad has to find work, and that's like a full time job already. Dad has to work to support this complaining kid's ass so he could go to graduation

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Failure of an excuse

Halcyon3210 6

Daddy wasn't there. . .

memily63 12

To take me to the fair

Prankster7o7 5

To change my underwear...

Or to see me fuck my first pair...

To go to my graduation because he said he had a job but really he got drunk and hired a hooker.

androiddestroya 7

it seems he doesn't care..... daddy wasn't there Austin powers ftw

He meant he had to work at his corner that day

And by "work", he means sit there on his lazy ass and jack off to porn all day...

kaylsanders14 0

aren't you a little young to know about that kinda stuff? let alone be saying it!

You would be surprised by how much kids and teenagers know

why yes, yes he is

a_nutritionist 10

14? no, puberty is usually the time guys become sexually curious...

Lexi_101409 2

Wow , what a dad ! >.< Wheree are you graduating from ?

And by "work", he means the new job he got that you are unaware of. No father would lie like that. That's just silly! YDI for not believing in your father, who believes in you, who believes in the One Piece!

or the father could just be a lazy a**hole? don't you think he would have informed OP of a new job?

iJasper 8

Dude, take a joke.

I would... if his jokes were funny... but maybe it's just me and I'm a killjoy.