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  Shadow1368  |  17

I'm sorry OP. If your dad has to make up excuses like that, you probably shouldn't want him there anyway.

And think on the bright side.. maybe he got a new job?

Just try telling him it's important to you and hopefully he will still go.

Best of luck to you trying to convince him! :)

  PutItIn  |  8

For some people graduations are real emotional. For my mom the end of the school year is. Worst case scenario is "he's just not that into you"

  a_nutritionist  |  10

if he actually has a new job or is doing something to make money, YDI. if not, FYL.
i honestly dont see the big deal about people not being at a graduation. if the tickets to mine werent free id have just told everyone ill take lots of photos and theyll feel like they were there. its just a graduation...

  gan4sula  |  2

Comon dad has to find work, and that's like a full time job already. Dad has to work to support this complaining kid's ass so he could go to graduation

By  TheLetterZero  |  7

And by "work", he means the new job he got that you are unaware of. No father would lie like that. That's just silly!
YDI for not believing in your father, who believes in you, who believes in the One Piece!