By Anonymous - 17/10/2012 20:08 - United States - Hobart

Today, while mowing the lawn, I was attacked by an underground hornet nest. I now have many stings, two scared dogs, and a mower still running outside. The hornets are swarming it and some are sitting on the lever, as if to turn it off. It's like they know. FML
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Suit up and get those bastards.

you make them sound like evil genius', also I hope your stings get better, try holding some folded kitchen towel soaked in cold water on them.


you make them sound like evil genius', also I hope your stings get better, try holding some folded kitchen towel soaked in cold water on them.

Not sure if that's how you say the plural of genius, ironic

theHIGHroad2 5

You saw that coming human, nobody messes with our home an walks away freely. Sincerely, A mad Hornet.

Since you mentioned it yourself, "geniuses".

I guess that huge water hose would do the job.

*Hornets: Bitch, I dare you.* LOL

Marrach 7

No, try Adobo for the stings (Its a seasoning) but it works.

Or genii if you want to be fancy. ;D

At least there not tracker jackers........

Or put some honey in you tea right in front of them while they are watching. Revenge is sweet!*evil laugh*

Or put some honey in you tea right in front of them while they are watching. Revenge is sweet!*evil laugh*

rockaroths 15

I'm not trying to be the technical person here but, they are staying probably because of the vibrations, or they really could be watching you...

Put mud on the stings. Works like a charm. I've never tried the other stuff.

28 are you kidding? Shoot higher, I'm talkin' flamethrower!

itsame0987 18

Try wet tobacco on the stings. It works great for bee stings.

Oh man. If those were tracker jackets you'd be having one hell of a time buddy

Suit up and get those bastards.

footballfreak65 6

I agree! Get a bottle of axe and a lighter and ******* roast them!

Or, if they are allergic like I am, I'd call the fire department. It happened to me before but I managed to see them before I walked outside. The craziest part was that there were two nests, three feet away from each other.

Psych101 9

24- You called the fire department to get rid of hornet's nests? Is that in their job description?

In San Diego, yes. I called the managers office and they told me to call the fire department. Plus, I wasn't the only one who was allergic to them. An ambulance tagged along in case someone did get stung. No one did :).

Inheritance 10

Kidding me suiting up won't work you need ******* ironman for this shit!

Fuck the suit, all you need is a flamethrower! Or some all purpose Lysol spray. Kills germs AND suffocates hell spawns

Fun fact: Lysol was the most popular form of birth control in the 20's. They also marketed it as a youth potion... with almost the exact same formula as they use today. Apparently so many people died of chemical burns or were sickened that the company switched owners and became a cleaning product.


Time for the flamethrower.

#80 kills germs and mistakes the all in one youth potion

jmadams97 5

Fuckin' hornets

Sounds erotic yet painful.

RedPillSucks 31

erotic? WTF

The ******* of hornets, that is.

Perverted state of mind...

GoodLookingGeese 10

Just plug off the damn mower!

I ****** a hornet once. They're very selfish lovers. And they never call back.

Me so hornet.

Wait until night and pour some diesel fuel on their nest. That will kill them quick. I had to do that with the yellow jackets near my house.

Why diesel? Just curious.

My Papaw always told me that the oil coated their wings and smothered them and push come to shove you can just light it and run like all hell.

And then light it on fire

Don't use diesel, it will get into ground water.

Diesel is cheaper

Use chevron with tecron plus

70-it's like 1 cup of diesel it'll go in the hole kill them and not get anywhere near ground water...

A little diesel won't harm the ground water. Plus people don't use wells much anymore.

zakkcarter 7

100- millions of people use wells. I have one as well as everyone that lives around me.

GuessWhatKids 13

Or do it the fun way, with a baseball bat. No, I'm not kidding.

Or get hornet killer.

Screw all that get some tannerite and blow the shit out of them

Askzombie 14

Smart ass hornets.....

nightwing2 3

It's the planets of the insects. Quite literally as the outnumber humans by a large ratio

Or else the handle smells like you and they're still mad.

minidinosaurgoes 9

Hornets know how to use technology, and you are screwed

olpally 32

Reminds me of the family guy episode where Peter and the gang try to be like jackass on tv... Quagmire puts honey on his dick and Peter shoves him while all the bees are on Quagmire's junk, lol.. This is way worse though.. I hope you're okay op.

luckyliv 5

haha! i just looov family guy!!:p

102- I bet you dooo

Don't be a pansy. Go out and fight them. Throw some haymakers. Actually, they would rock your shit, so I would stay inside in the feeble position until they decide to let you off with a warning.

trippythehippy 6

The feeble position? Hmm

Fight fight like it's the last last night of your life life show them your bite! But seriously, don't bite them...

kristabelli 19

Hee hee... the "fetal" position, 14? :)

Bad part is that I originally had "fetal" but I just swore it didn't look right.... *facepalm* I done ****** up.

Feeble?! This isnt skateboarding!

kristabelli 19

It's ok, your comment ruled otherwise!

I would clothe myself head to toe and grab the best hornet spray.