By Christopher - Canada
Today, the elevator got stuck in between floor 4 and 5 at my doctors office. I had been having violent diarrhea. It was the reason I was at the doctor. Elevator was stuck for 35 minutes. During that time, I diarrhea'd in my pants twice. There were seven other people in the elevator. FML
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  tamiami247  |  0

Today, the elevators got stuck in between floors 4 and 5 at my doctor's office and I was there because I had intense nausea. I was stuck in the elevator for 35 minutes; the next thing I knew, the girl/boy next to me started crapping their pants. FML

  iSitt  |  0

I would have first apologized and explained my condition, asked if anyone had a plastic bag, then dropped my pants and saved my clothing. End result for the others in the elevator is the same.
TDI for hanging around a medical clinic.

  stella23  |  0

who the hell would take the stairs in a situation like that? an elevator would be much quicker when going up more than 2 floors, granted it doesn't get stuck, and how likely is that anyways? you are a jerk.

  mduffy08  |  8

Today, I was standing in the elevator for another prescription of anti-virals for my flu. Instead the elevator got stuck, oh and I was violently showered in shit from another patient. FML.

  sammywhits  |  0

I feel bad for the people mostly they have to smell ur shitty pants for 35 min and watch u shit every where grossest but the again I feel
bad sorry fuck ur life....

By  valalvax  |  13

why didn't anyone pry the doors open? I mean, I know they say not to, but seriously the chances of the elevator being stuck exactly between floors is unlikely