By Christopher - 13/12/2010 09:16 - Canada

Today, the elevator got stuck in between floor 4 and 5 at my doctors office. I had been having violent diarrhea. It was the reason I was at the doctor. Elevator was stuck for 35 minutes. During that time, I diarrhea'd in my pants twice. There were seven other people in the elevator. FML
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I bet you felt like shit.

perdix 29

I don't know why the floor numbers were relevant, but it would be funny if you got stuck between #1 and #2.


crumbycool881 0

that's cool

c8750 2

Is that all you could come up with to be the first commenter? Lame Sorry if this posts twice 

yum i love the smelll of shit MMMMmmm good

Today, the elevators got stuck in between floors 4 and 5 at my doctor's office and I was there because I had intense nausea. I was stuck in the elevator for 35 minutes; the next thing I knew, the girl/boy next to me started crapping their pants. FML

iSitt 0

I would have first apologized and explained my condition, asked if anyone had a plastic bag, then dropped my pants and saved my clothing. End result for the others in the elevator is the same. TDI for hanging around a medical clinic.

agree with ^^ and op, that SUCKS! I feel for you made me laugh though

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85 says the person to ugly to put a pic up haters gonna hate lmfao fml made me laugh so hard! mud butt ftw

maryjaneslover7 0

yea besides it was more of a waste of time

thtsuxs 0

how is that a fyl...its a fuck the people who were in the elevators lives....ftpwwitel

I have never laughed so hard....unfortunately the other ppl in the library weren't as enthused

musedrummer 0

i think me and you probably have the exact same sense of humour. I laughed so hard at your comment but not nearly as hard at the actual FML!

YDI for not taking the stairs, Mr/Mrs Fatty Pants!

stella23 0

who the hell would take the stairs in a situation like that? an elevator would be much quicker when going up more than 2 floors, granted it doesn't get stuck, and how likely is that anyways? you are a jerk.

bmac_bizarro 2

Cool? No, I'm pretty sure it was warm!

austin1414 3

u guys are disregarding the fact that "diarrhea" was just used as a past tense verb

Wat an epic story to tell ur friends.. man if only that would happen to me

if he took the stairs he would have done more than twice..probably a little at each that would get worse!!

I love the use of "diarhea'd"

215 same haha

mduffy08 8

Today, I was standing in the elevator for another prescription of anti-virals for my flu. Instead the elevator got stuck, oh and I was violently showered in shit from another patient. FML.

Looked in the mirror?

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Haha good one? If that's her real picture then she's actually really pretty lol xD

lol @ the personification of faeces "violent diarrhoea" I mean he wasn't always violent it's just his wife left him yesterday.......

ZeeBest86 6

lmao @ 130

rude bitch lick my big twins (balls) he was in a shitty situvation, that could have been you! srsly!

ha ha 130 that's awesome. 122 desperation is a stinky cologne..

I bet you felt like shit.

VeeVengeance 0

sounds more like he was in a shitty situation

You might say he was up shit creek.

sourgirl101 28

These puns were so shitty! I can't believe I read this crap!(:

brennan677 0

the shits hit the fan.

shit happened.

I'm gonna take a wild guess here an say these puns have something to do with... oh wait no I'm wrong, carry on.

zkchild 0

Shit happens

op is a shit stain

wowthatshorrible_fml 0

oh shit here we go again

MrNewOrleans 0

that shit must have been embarrassing

I've been hearing the word "shit" so much that it doesn't even sound like a word anymore.

Shutuptroll 0


I laughed so hard at these puns and the combo breaker xD omgg

Talk about awkward elevator rides....

goddessallison 0

ya seriously i feel bad for the othr people in the elevator too

yeah seriously, I feel bad for the people having to read your comments.

19 - Your picture looked like you were spitting out juice from your mouth. Then I realized it was a straw :D

Talk about awkward elevator music.

oh haha thanx? and it's a Shirley temple! :D

what a shitty experience.

Seriously, those jokes got old over a year ago.

Fortuitous 0

Your face got blown up over two years ago. Elder Wand, motherfucker.

@112: Bitch, you never heard about the secret 7th horcrux. I'm back, hiding in a cave in Afghanistan for the time being. ;)

oooo that sucks...:( atleast you didn't know any of them...

iseywisey 0

maybe they did

sammywhits 0

I feel bad for the people mostly they have to smell ur shitty pants for 35 min and watch u shit every where grossest but the again I feel bad sorry fuck ur life....

RedPillSucks 31

F your life and that of the other people in the elevator with you.

why didn't anyone pry the doors open? I mean, I know they say not to, but seriously the chances of the elevator being stuck exactly between floors is unlikely

PSQ91 6

Would've been fckin embarassed :o

traze 7

That's a shitty situation.

brennan677 0

your too late for the puns

Fortuitous 0

And you're just in time for today's grammar lesson.

davide234 0


75 *you're ps, you're never too late for puns