By Liv - 29/10/2013 22:09 - United Kingdom - Great Bookham

Today, my mother was talking about a holiday she went on this time last year. She turned to me to say, "You would've loved it, it's a shame you couldn't come". I was there. It was just the two of us on holiday together. FML
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Early onset dementia?

thatonegirlnic 10

You must be the middle child


Early onset dementia?

I was just thinking Alzheimer's. But not necessarily. I personally just have a really bad memory.

deepunder 17

Who needs memor... I forgot what i was talking about

\ 28

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I feel 50% worst about myself after reading that

*Worse Autocorrect isn't as smart as it thinks -_-

ViRepz 28

#16 gloomy much ...

Maybe she's meaning when she was pregnant..?

Ok never mind, I read it wrong.

Maybe the vacation was so unforgettable that she forgot you were there.

moonsalt 20

That doesn't make any sense. Unless you're comparing the mother's memory to a computer? The vacation was so unforgettable that all the memories caused an integer overflow, crashing her system and restarting the memory unit?

nah, just a mom burn.

she may have Alzheimer's but at least she doesn't have Alzheimer's.

18, umm WHAT!? your comment is confusing!

sarahbevan20 11

Its a paradox, #50.

She was just a carry-on to her mom.

thatonegirlnic 10

You must be the middle child

Don't be hating on the middle.

Yeah, Malcolm was the STAR of the show.

raeepressley 12

I dunno, I was the middle of 5, and when my parents would take us out places, they would forget me there from time to time.

falon142012 22

As a "general rule" the first child is independent, the middle child is rebellious, and the youngest child is dependent. I don't know if that's always true, but with my husband and his two younger brothers, that is SPOT ON.

kyu_Q 19

maybe she went off and had her 'fun' without you. And that's the party she remembers

You shouldn't feel bad about her forgetting you were there, you probably weren't.

"I was there. It was just the two of us on holiday". Can you please tell me why OP would say that if they hadn't gone??

It's possible 10 was joking? I guess?

In the wise words of Buddha, If you can't remember it it's not worth remembering

OP is their child. I'd say they're worth remembering.

Doesn't mean they're worth remembering. Hitler was someone's child too, don't think his mother wants to remember him either. Bam, mind blown.

SuperMew 22

My friend went on vacation with her mom and sisters. Every picture the mother put in the Memory book has the other girls but no Dana. I thought Dana's mom sucked until I realized Dana is kind of a party killer and didn't even want to leave the boat. So maybe Op didn't make the trip memorable.

fluffywaspluka 7

#36, Everyone remembers Hitler though, right? Bam, mind blown.

Touché 36 but this OP is not important enough either say you look at it

I'm not saying this to be funny, but maybe she got hit in the head or something. Either that or she's going through some sort of dementia.

Maybe you were really boring and she felt like you weren't there.

You should post an FML about this