By Anonymous - United States
  Today, I'm spending the night with the guy I've been interested in for a while. Instead of sleeping in the same bed together, he insists that I sleep in another room because he "doesn't want to be tempted to do anything." So, I'm alone, in my best lingerie, in his little brother's room. FML
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  DjeePee  |  24

Disagree. Don't forget that we, humans, are still animals. We have our needs. Not everybody wants sex in a decent, loving relationship, willing to wait months for it. I suggest that we all stop insult people who don't live like we want. It's almost Christmas, be nice for each other.

  FlashBurn  |  13

Djee, you can keep your evolution and ape descendants. I'm not an animal, and I was created by a higher being, so there! Now if only it was around... I want to ask it for the manual,I think he assembled others wrong...

  xundria  |  5

@79: You are very very mislead. Humans are indeed animals, as we are a part of the animal kingdom. Is it nice under that rock?

  DjeePee  |  24

Mwah, I think she's just a little desperate. But can you really blame her without knowing her personal situation? I'm in a long, decent, loving relationship, sexual contacts guaranteed (jeej), and I know I'm not the only one. Maybe OP wasn't able to get a relationship for a loooooong time, haven't had sex for a time that looks even longer, and now she wants to take every chance she get. The only thing I can blame her for is a lack of communication, but I know she's not the only one.

By  Jimboom  |  11

Ok. Think about this for a second. The fact you are in his little brothers room probably means it is his parents house. If the parents are home then that is a major turnoff for anyone. Otherwise, perhaps he doesn't want to taint his bed with your stank.

By  fearfulsymmetry  |  1

YDI, why the hell would you expect sex the first time you guys spend the night together? OP, you got away ahead of yourself. He's not gay for not sleeping with her. There are plenty of women who would have reacted the same way, but they're not lesbians for doing that. Respect his wishes, and discuss things like this, so you both know if you want the same thing. If not, you can find someone else that's more suited to your needs. And keep in mind, if the gender roles were reversed, essentially EVERYONE would vote YDI, and accuse the guy of being a pig, a pervert, a jerk, etc. No double standards here please.