By random875 - 07/01/2015 06:03 - United States - Owings Mills

Today, I got stuck in an elevator. I called the fire department and told them where I was. They said they'd be right there and not to panic. It's hour 6. FML
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Should've told them you're stuck in a flaming elevator


I hope OP has water. Dehydratation is your worst enemy!

Hopefully OP isn't stuck in the elevator with a crazy person.

"ho ho ho" "stop it patrick you're scaring him!"

The fire department is ready at all times don't worry about them not getting there it's their job even if it's six in the morning

meli1195 31

apparently they weren't ready this time, seeing as how OP has been waiting for 6 hours

badluckalex 23

Op has been waiting for 6 hours for the firemen to come, they aren't saying it's 6 in the morning.

OP should call back, then order a pizza and see which gets there first. See who really does their job.

That might work, but how is the pizza guy going to get to the stuck elevator?

Should've told them you're stuck in a flaming elevator

Or maybe just not told them you were stuck at all. Not a high priority.

That would also be a much cooler story to tell ^^

16, so you mean to call them just to let them know you're in a perfectly well functioning elevator?

So the fire department responds quicker if the elevator is gay?

JoSmokes 10

What do you do if you have to use the restroom?

meli1195 31

well when you're stuck in an elevator with no help near on the horizon, any corner of the elevator can become a bathroom

or you could just go on the top and shit down the shaft lol

Once my elevator stopped for about 5 seconds while I really needed to use the restroom and I was so afraid of getting stuck in that situation that I now always use the restroom before leaving the house.

Call back and say you're suffering from a panic or asthma attack - medical emergencies will get prioritised...

countryb_cth 38

After 6 hours of waiting, lying clearly is the answer.

I'm surprised your battery isn't dead by now. Hope you get out soon!

enzozo101 8

At least he has cell reception to post this and do other various things.?

Have been stuck in an elevator for 6 hours straight and life is in danger? Why not post about it in FML....

He probably got out sometime after that and posted it as an FML as his past self? Idk

Err, he was stuck in an elevator for six hours. Past the initial 30 minutes of panic, that'd leave another five and a half hours to be excruciatingly bored.

If op is on hour six and has been entertaining himself for the past 5 1/2 hours, his battery must be super low. As soon as his battery dies, the real emergency begins.

You could always play with "Calculator" and watch your battery last for an obscene amount of time. ;)

Hey I just called you. And this is crazy. But I'm still stuck here. So save me maybe.

27 Love the comment, hate you got getting that damn song stuck in my head.

OP, are you stuck alone or are there others with you?