By flimflam - 02/09/2010 17:39 - United States

Today, the elevator broke in my dorm and won't be fixed for several days. I live on the 26th floor. FML
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i guess i could let u borrow my jet pack

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Your dorm has 26 floors? Sheesh, I'm sorry! :(


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Your dorm has 26 floors? Sheesh, I'm sorry! :(

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You got a built in stairmaster! Work them glutes!

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agreed with 23, don't be lazy, use the stairs

you guys are idiots. 26 floors is a shit load of stairs, especially if there are at least 10-15 stairs per floor. Your legs will be about to fall off when you get to the top. On the bright side, laugh at the people on the 27th and above floors

Goodness. Thats a hell lot of stairs to climb.

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26- like your picture. and OP atleast you'll have some hella nice calves when they fix it. ^ ^

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I've climbed the CN tower before... man up :)

well a good time to get some exercise ay?

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escalators? or leave as little as possible. once out jus stay out. or take a break at a friends dorm on a lower floor.


have fun going up and down the stairs! hardyharharhar!

i wish i lived on the 26th floor that would be such a good workout

I've also climbed the CN Tower it's not hard if you walk your way up. Ever tried jogging?

I agree with this cat!! look on the brightside!! you'll get some exercise!!

take the stairs fatass . i've been down and up 40 flights of stairs with 17 stairs on each flight . MAN UPPPP .

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feel bad for the people who live on the 27th floor

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Anybody calling OP a fatass is stupid. Just walking up that many stairs isn't that bad; it's walking up thany stairs with books, boxes, or groceries that sucks.

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is OP's name Sheldon Cooper per chance?

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time whip out your pokewalker!!

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what college dorm has 26 or more floors....I'm calling bullshit.

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Theres these things, they're called stairs.

I feel your pain OP!!!! I live on the 21st floor. I take the stairs sometimes just for exercise, but it's a killer!!!

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155, Four of the dorms at my University have 28 floors. Larger schools have to fit a lot of people and it's more economical, space wise, to build up.

Firsr to write a comment! Sleep on the first floor in the janitors closet

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I guess the direness of this situation (*puts on sunglasses*) just got elevated. Yeaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!

haha 37 that took me a minute to realize what you were talking about! but very funny(:

That's gonna be one hell of an exercise! goo luck! but still, that sucks. slide down the stairs on a mattress!

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I guess the fastest way down is to just jump?

Tried that, doesn't work as well as you'd expect.

TAKE THE ******* STAIRS!!! You have a legs for a reason dumbass

I hope there aren't any disabled students in that dorm!

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god damn!!!! 26 floors!!!!! fyl

i guess i could let u borrow my jet pack

Or you could ask Percy Jackson to borrow his flying shoes. I had the same problem and he let me borrow them last year. A little hard to control at first and you won't want to return them but they were fantastic!

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It's okay, by the time the elevator is fixed, you'd have a great looking buttock [;

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atleast your legs will be super strong by the time it's fixed(:

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And legs that have to walk 52 floors(she has to come back) every time they leave are pissed as hell!!! And tired for that matter...

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shesh I thiughtbu had it touch living on the 8th floor with no elevator at all!! i'd take a pillow and sleeping bag and chill in a lounge on the lower floors.