By Anonymous - 18/08/2012 23:02 - United States

Today, I found myself trying to explain to my puppy why I'm still single. I think I just found out why. FML
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Who cares, puppies never let you down! Just a thought, maybe you are the dog version of the crazy cat lady?

lucy_hewitt15 6


Who cares, puppies never let you down! Just a thought, maybe you are the dog version of the crazy cat lady?

Crazy dog lady! You can start a new trend of jokes OP! Haha. Nothing wrong with talking to animals. People normally get animals to have a companion and why not tall to that companion?

Ahh damn. I meant" talk* to that companion." not "tall to that companion."

Other people care. For some reason being a little (or a lot) weird gets frowned upon:(. I used to talk to my dog all the time and ....oh shit I just figured out why im still single, too:(. FML as well.

Crazy cat lady? ..please don't remind me. My last owner tried to dress me up in suits! She even gave me shoes!

aimeesea75 16

I'm going to end up being a crazy dog lady who lives in the middle of the woods. It's sad that I can see it happening and have it planned out. :L

It's okay 49, at least you have your future planned!

terrible_things 1

one way to find out your craaaazy! But puppies are so cute! and you'll always have them to keep you company!

lucy_hewitt15 6

It's good practice to tell a person.

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If the puppy could talk, I can't imagine what it'd say.

I imagine he would give really positive and useful advice

It would give amazing advice like lick your but before you kiss someone.

It'd say please kill me I don't want to hear your sob story crazy lady

I was thinking more along the lines of: TENNIS BALL FOOD WANT FOOD FOOD? HUNGRY. FOOD. WALK NOW? NEED TO GO PEE. WAAAAALK? But meh, that's probably just my dog.

zuzupetalsYO 11

#9-It would say, "Please put a shirt on."

Special_Psycho 8

Screw you 17. Dogs are the second best animal out there! Right behind cats! If I were a dog I'd be supportive of my human!

39) Bitch please. 1. Chipmunks 2. Dogs 3. Cats

"yummy bacon, yummy bacon, yummy bacon, yummy bacon"

linkinpark98 23

Now, you go adopt a whole herd of puppies and become the crazy puppy lady! :D

Hey dogs are mans best friend. But not woman's you crazy dog lady!

Start hanging around the local pet shelter and find another dog lover? If not, I hear voodoo dolls do the trick...

Nothing wrong with talking to your dog. I talk to my cat all the time. It's when you start to pretend that your dog is answering you back that you have a problem.