By Username - 01/06/2011 08:09 - Singapore

Today, the elevator in my apartment building broke down. I live on the 30th floor and am still climbing the stairs. FML
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No wonder, it's hard to climb and submit FMLs at the same time...


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30 flights of stairs and u have only 1 elevator?? anyways you could reach the 30th floor in 10 minutes, suck it up.

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Well if you're the principle from the previous FML you can work off those donuts you bought from the fun raiser. Karma's a bitch.

60 story is a real work-out. up and down!

youre walking AND on fml!?! multitasking!!

manMadeFAIL 7

but u have the damn time to write an fml while still tryin go down the stairs oh yea tat makes total sense..... lay off the twinkies and RUN

At least you didn't cut off your own finger, have your phone die, and get stuck in the elevator with the power out while your 3 friends try to find you.

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chlorinegreen 27

I kinda feel as if that's a fire hazard to live that high up. If there was a fire how would you get out?

at least you still have the energy to type here. must be a condominium?

because in Singapore, more than 25th floors is condominium.

but now there are normal flats with 40 floors :)

wait so she stopped mid-stair climbing to write this FML on the App?

from my understanding and a quick google check, a condominium is a building containing individually owned apartments regardless of floors...

I guess nobody wants to answer ma question?

haha I meant 'it would seem that way' for op stopping midway to write the FML... not that no one wanted to answer you!

MightyMike2509 0

we meet again my foe- haha Kung fu panda!

this FML would be so much better if he was handicap and needed to get to work

iAmScrubs 19

Think of it as a game. Try to take four steps at a time each time and see if you can do it.

Well, if you're fat, that's good news, at least you'll lose a couple of pounds

No wonder, it's hard to climb and submit FMLs at the same time...

dude... your right arm is way bigger than your left

It's alright, he's from Perth. It's a well known fact that Marinus can't even pick up the ugly girls, so it makes sense that his right arm is bigger.

PrincessesCrown 17

His arms are the same size it's just the camera view! the picture was taken with him at an angle, making the right arm closer to the the camera lens!

Amazing how hypocritical some commanders can be. Kind of laughable really. Tuck in your B's and retract your claws sweetheart, you're only making yourself look bad.

Wait, what the hell. *commenters Karma must be working with auto-correct. oh well, no regrets~

44, if you're gonna make comments about other people's profile pics then be man enough to put your's up.

#52 what the hell has the fact that he lives in Perth got to do with anything?

also who the hell has a profile picture of a chick when their profile says they're a guy? too ashamed to put a picture of yourself up?wow you must be ugly

Zombieslayer1 0

Why are you fmling this if your still climbing the stairs? Focus on getting all the way up the stairs, you'll have more to complain about.

if you weren't such a lazy ass you wouldn't mind..... just saying

I wanna see you climb 30 flights of stairs...

19- worst comeback ever. it's bad enough to be a FML. And don't forget that this FML is from Singapore, it gets pretty hot there.

how did you find out it's from Singapore ? and I'm from america I guess I'm just considering how fat and lazy our country is getting me personally I really don't mind exercise and climbed stairs like crazy for football and hockey practice

perdix 29

They'd better fix it by tomorrow because your legs are going to be so sore you will practically be immobile. No pain, no gain -- cheers!

Egnar 19

You're "still" climbing the stairs? So you decided halfway through "hey you know what let me pop out my phone and go on FML and try to post it?". . .Could probably have been there already if you stopped concentrating on multitasking.

OP was probably taking a break. Hell if I has to climb 30 flights of stairs, I'd stop to take a tea break every 10 flights due to exhaustion.

*had. Sorry I didn't receive a proper educamation because my principal spent the school funds on donuts.