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  MizzErikaHart  |  21

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  StephenDM  |  21

At least you didn't cut off your own finger, have your phone die, and get stuck in the elevator with the power out while your 3 friends try to find you.

  Perdition  |  38

It's alright, he's from Perth. It's a well known fact that Marinus can't even pick up the ugly girls, so it makes sense that his right arm is bigger.

  gorina  |  38

Amazing how hypocritical some commanders can be. Kind of laughable really. Tuck in your B's and retract your claws sweetheart, you're only making yourself look bad.

  theuns  |  38

also who the hell has a profile picture of a chick when their profile says they're a guy? too ashamed to put a picture of yourself up?wow you must be ugly

By  bentleysdad11611  |  15

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how did you find out it's from Singapore ? and I'm from america I guess I'm just considering how fat and lazy our country is getting me personally I really don't mind exercise and climbed stairs like crazy for football and hockey practice

By  Egnar  |  32

You're "still" climbing the stairs? So you decided halfway through "hey you know what let me pop out my phone and go on FML and try to post it?". . .Could probably have been there already if you stopped concentrating on multitasking.

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