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Today, my window got busted and won't shut properly. I live in a college dorm room and maintenance says they can't fix it for a couple of days. It's below freezing in my dorm and I can see my breath while trying sleep. FML
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  sulitak  |  27

I used to work in maintenance for a college. sometimes shipments don't arrive on time or things break quicker than expected. So they run out of parts. its just like a store running out of stock.

  nathan5  |  0

I have taught myself to sleep with my eyes open, that way I can see when the Boogie Man is trying to kidnap me and take me to the dark lord of...Narnia. That way I can defend myself and look really creepy at the same time! Life is slowly returning to normal...after the last time.


Today, another whiney college kid called up because he broke his window when he was drunk and is now cold. I told him I couldn't do it today, since I have 12 other windows to fix. FML