Who's Christina?

By Beantown girl - 31/10/2011 00:58 - United States

Today, I was using my boyfriend's phone to call my mom. A text message arrived from "Christina" that said, "Just put the kids to bed, come over." He swears they're only work buddies, but refuses to tell her he has a girlfriend, to avoid making things weird at work. We've been together two years. FML
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Dump him now, once a cheater, always a cheater

You tell her he has a girlfriend, see what happens


enonymous 8

Text back: busy, gf is yelling me and not putting out for a few months

Just text back with a picture if you and your boyfriend. Let her put together that puzzle

They could just be really close 'buddies'.

Option 2: show up at her house, PRETEND to be down for a threesome, and then cut her boobies off and glue her eyelids shut.

Men and women can't be "close buddies." If this guy cares enough about his coworker to neglect his relationship, he's obviously looking for something on the side.

Its probubly just me but if my bf did that to me i would have stolen his phone pretending he must have left it at work, followed him to work, find that chick and start texting her nasty things and if she replies to them in a nasty way i would give him his phone back and tell that chick she doesnt have to worry bout being compitition.... Thats just me though

60 that would only prove that work girl wants ops boyfriend not that boyfriend wants work girl

56-Why can't men and women be close friends? One of my best friends for a long time is a chick. What is wrong with that?

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You need to send her a message saying that he's busy being seduced by his wife ! ;D

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He's cheating!!! No doubt about it!

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60, did you make that pic of yours? Because it'd be real awesome and creative of you if you did.

Yeah 60, i especially like that head in the freezer. Brain freeze, anyone????

68, there's nothing wrong with men being friends with women, but if he did just want to be her friend he would have told her years ago that he had a girlfriend, if they were just friends it wouldn't make work weird at all that he has a girlfriend. and after 2 years you would think he would introduce his girlfriend to his close friends.

If you got guy problems, I feel bad for you hon. I got 99 problems but a dick ain't one.

RedPillSucks 31

Absolutely nothing. Society just want men and women to act in some stereotypical way. Eschew the dominant paradigm!!! (fight the power)

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They r Christina's kids not his u idiot

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i hope you dumped his sorry cheating ass .

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flockz 19

25- and don't call someone an idiot without spelling out your ******* words. it makes you look like the idiot.

For once flock, I'm going to have to retort on your comment, instead of praising you for being ohsofunny. You didn't read it a different way, you just misunderstood it. Then you, understandably, got butthurt. Simple mistake and I still love you.

Flocks I understand you. I can see where you're coming from. It did sound like a married couple trying to get frisky. But You want to know who the real idiot is here? OP for staying with someone who denies her.

Everyone should calm down and stop insulting people. Misunderstanding something does not make anybody an idiot.

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I'm reading it as she's babysitting, just put the kids to sleep so she can have the guy there now, a married couple (assuming they live together) wouldn't really say "come over" like it's her house he's going to, could be the girls kids and if it is her kids he's a huge jerk for playing a mother/children like that

No flockz, you ****** up on reading this FML. Instead of trying to put the blame elsewhere, why not instead act like a productive member of society and just admit you're wrong. Idiot.

113 - I read it the same way as flockz.. Honesty it's not a big deal. There will be plenty more FML's to read.

JoshTheMaggot 8

Dump him now, once a cheater, always a cheater

Actually that is not completely true. My husband used to be a player, and cheat on his girlfriends. He is now married to me and I know for a fact he doesn't cheat. So how is it "once a cheater, always a cheater"?

poorjudgement 26

I don't want to be rude, but we can positively know only that something happens, not that it not happens. And also, cheating is question of principles and morality, so it is unlikely to develop if it doesn't exist, as it is a fact that people are who they are, and when we say: "it is so unlike them", that probably means that it is actually, just like them, but that we don't really know them or don' want to ancknowledge their bad sides. So, yes, once a cheater always a cheater is truth, although two of you could be exception that proves the rule. And I hope for you it is lilke that. But it still doesn't change fact that there is something fishy with OP's BF and Christina the "Work Buddy".

88 how do you know for a fact he doesn't cheat? Do you have his penis microchipped or something?

Confuciussay 6

88 - You better double check and make sure your statement is true.

88- I bet he told his other Gf's the same thing ,

4, not at all true. There are reasons why people cheat, change the reasons, repair the situation and they can change. The saying can be refuted by another-"people change". Plus there are several versions of cheating, some believe lusting after another is cheating and others believe having intercourse with multiple people is okay of you only love one person--and their partners either agree or disagree. People make choices, but it doesn't mean they'd always make the same choice again. OPs situation is different, if her BF is refusing to tell someone about her, then regardless if he is screwing the other woman OP should take some kind of action... Like call the woman herself and make things really awkward for him at work.

Make it awkward by sending him flowers with a giant card that says "You've got AIDS" or something like "From your favorite Boy Toy *insert guy name*"

slushpup9696 12

92 - There is no such thing as an "exception that proves the rule". It's a nonsense phrase. The exceptions break the rule and make it invalid; they don't prove it. If I were to say, "A, B, A, B, A, B, C" C does not prove a rule. It breaks the pattern. If anything, it disproves the rule.

gonna have to agree with 4. i had the "perfect" relationship with my girlfriend of 4 years and we were highschool sweethearts and i was about to propose, and she cheated on me. i forgave her thinking "it was a mistake i won't happen again." she then cheated on me 4 more times.

You tell her he has a girlfriend, see what happens

I'll bet he flips his lid b/c "Christina" is his real girlfriend. OP is the one hidden away like a secret.

blink_kid 32

The question is; what are they working on together? Sorry OP it doesn't look good.

If you have any respect for yourself.. Dump him! He obvious doesn't respect your relationship.

ellybelly_502 4

Yeah he is an ass... I would have already dumped him for "feeling awkward" about telling people he is in a relationship.

Tell Christina that you're his girlfriend

Or tell Christina that youre his boyfriend if u wanna make things really awkward

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"Awwwwk"? Wtf is up with people and making different words out of already existing words. It's AWKWARD not Awwwwwwwk. Fuck...

No no you guys, David is obviously a parrot. It's honestly impressive he managed to type that much with just a beak and some talons.

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Geez #75, don't get your thong in a wad.

And awwwwk sounds like something a chicken would say!!