By hellokitty133 - 30/09/2011 01:56 - United States

Today, the boys who sit at my math table decided it would be funny to throw broken pencils at my boobs to see if they were real. They did this the entire class period. I have to work with this group for the rest of the school year. FML
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Kick em in the nuts and see if they're real.

Tell them that's the closest they'll ever get to ****.


enonymous 8

As imaginary as the kinky ass sex we just had? ):

Grow a real pair and tell that asshole off

That's not a smart move in today's society. I mean with our economy? People need to economize our pencils. And throwing them at man boobs is not the way to do it.

fthislyfe 22

22: Are you one of her classmates?

55: Well with the fact he's 23 and OP is prolly 14-16, I hope not. That and he's a sick **** for suggesting they had sex. Though it is Texas so maybe he is still in HS.

That's sexual harassment. Please talk to an authority figure and make SURE they take it seriously. Otherwise these boys will never learn and they will feel entitled to do worse.

Haha arin2009, straight to the point. I like it!

71 - I'm from texas and overhere there are some 7th graders that are old enough to drive.

D37H100 5

15, idk why but your reply made my day.

Bitches be hatin' just cuz Enonymous and I are in a relationship.

tjv3 10

you should invite them over and let them examine them . then they will know "first hand" if they are real or not

Next time throw bricks at their dicks to see if they have one

They're real and they're spectacular :))~

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22 you have a bad habit of posting extremely inappropriate comments. This isn't the first post from you I have seen hidden. Time to grow up.

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I agree with 78. Dont let them get away with that. Stick up for yourself.

Heads up! Maybe you could go sit somewhere else?

Georgieeporgiee 9

Well at least you don't sit with a load of actual retards. The boys in my food tec class tried sniffing flour, water and finally, cinnamon.

That's nothing, at my skewl 2 guys took chicken nuggets, dipped them in mustered, ketchup, mayo, ranch, hit chocolate, coffee, the garbage bin, and a towliet then eat it in front of everyone! They did this for like a month straight til the teachers found out! It was pretty gross but also one of the funniest things til it got old

Some kid in my Chem class crushed blocks of some chemical powder (We weren't told what it was) and snorted it, he then proceeded quickly to the hospital.

ThatFancyPenn 18

Why cant OP just report them to counseling? This is sexual harrassment.

Kick em in the nuts and see if they're real.

no not everyone is a Jersey Shore douche fist bump: when one person touches his/ her fist to someone else's. Similar to a high five.

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3- shouldn't it be hopa? Your name made me lol.

You'd think the fact OP is probably only 14 - 16, would be a good indicator that she doesn't have fake ****

ikickgingers 15

In my neck of the woods - instead of fist bump we say "pound it"

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ROFL this just made my freaking day.

83- I'm a sophomore in high school and there are three girls with at least D size fake ****.

Give em' a few slaps upside the head, maybe they'll stop

Usually it's not THAT hard to tell if boobs are real or not .

Sonic_boomerang 5

I don't think they care if they're real they just wanted to stare at some *******

they're real and they're spectacular (Seinfeld reference)

True, but it also is easier for girls to stare at other girls... Guys get called a creeper or slapped.

batman25 0

Damn sho me how to do dat haha

why didn't they just ask? if they are in the same grade as someone who has the potential to get fake books, don't they have the common sense to just ask?

btstig 11

Them GOD DAMN FAKE BOOKS!!!! I can never tell the difference.

"if they are in the same grade as someone who has the potential to get fake books, don't they have the common sense to just ask?" *thinks about question* *reads FML again* ...clearly, they don't. I'm afraid their common sense is killed by their immaturity.

DKjazz 20

A fake book is actually a book of songs. Google it.

stacianichole 2

What high school student gets implants? What surgeon would do that? At that age, a female's body is still developing. The assumption itself is ridiculous. Oh right, it's high school...

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Are you serious? I know teenage celebrities who do, but never know noncelebrities did.

Um I'm pretty sure if there fake she wouldent tell them

Oh yeh, cuz having broken pencils thrown at ur breasts is a compliment. Its like throwing hackey sacks at a guys balls and saying "sup bro, Just wanted to see how hard ur weiner is!"

"It's harder than this test!"....would be my responses. And of course it's not a compliment I'm just saying stupid stuff today to see peoples far....not so good....

"It's harder then this math class bro!" ...would be my response, and I know it's not a compliment Haha

Laurenlou 24

I hope they were real. Real is better. c:

jvillan87 5

Not necessarily. I prefer a real C cup to a fake D cup any day.

41, I have to object to that statement. Bigger doesn't have to be better. What if they're so big that they're the double or triple the size of your head? Hell, I wouldn't even know what to do with them. (anyways, that's impossible unless you have a really small head or the woman has really big implants) I think I'll settle for anything between B cup to D cup. Just an opinion.

Wow someone missed the largest boobs in the world episode of manswers! I would say those ******* were much bigger than three times the size of her head...

tjv3 10

actually I dated a girl who had real ones that were the size of my head. they were fun, oh the memories fun fun fun memories

punkin_26 16

LOL! Huge and Real. You lucky dog. But from a womans perspective-I would rather have fake B cup than the real DD's that I got.

I don't understand how you can let them do this. If they did that to me once they would find those pencils shoved where the sun don't shine.

missbadluk 0

Some girls "complain" about this kind of stuff but in reality they LIKE the attention. Sad.

WTF is your picture? The grapist on cocaine?!