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Today, I was in class when all of a sudden I was hit in the head by a metal pencil case. My teacher threw it at me to get my attention. FML
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I had a teacher like that except he threw stress balls at our heads...

Ouch. What an ass. Sure, you should've paid attention, but there are other, harmless ways your teacher could've used. FYL.


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I had a teacher like that except he threw stress balls at our heads...

Must be an American thing to not arrest teachers like that...

oh I had a grade one teacher like that she would call us ******* idiots and slap us across the face and she would sexually harass the boys let's just say she was forced into retirement for being a mentally unstable senior gods she scared me

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What the hell? Hahaha I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have lasted to the second day. Little kids have big mouths, I'm sure atleast one of them told their parents?

hahaha i had a teacher who would smack a ruler rite on the desk and it wuld total scare whoever he did it too...even during test he wuld do it cuz it was quiet so everyone wuld get freaked lol

kids nowadays are little punks and you all deserve it. If you misbehave you get punished

Hey number 53, keep your preduice comments to your self, no one said anything about your bad teeth, tea drinking, pussy-ass. Stop being a douche and talking shit about shit you don't have a clue on.

I read the comments, looked at the countries that people were from where they said they had also had teachers like this, and then i posted my comment. What evidence/proof/observations do you have to back up your claims?

Whether or not there are teachers that are like that here or anywhere else doesn't mean it's an American thing, you don't know if this teacher was arrested and if he wasn't that doesn't mean America allows teachers to hit there kids, it just means they haven't been caught yet, it is against the law for teachers to hit students, look up your facts before you go flaunting your ignorant comments. Also, there is no proof or truth to the stereo typical things I said, which was exactly my point people talking bs without any real facts.

Look up the facts? I don't have to, i was making a simple observation and then commenting on it. I wasn't even being stereotypical. This is ridiculous anyway, i was just surprised about the amount of people who said teachers had done something to them... the whole class should be able to get them instantly fired.

My fifth grade teacher once forcefully threw a stuffed dolphin at one of my classmates' heads. And my seventh grade history teacher would take a twelve pound book and dropped it on the floor when we were being lazy. Oh, and my fourth grade teacher used to pop balloons.

Ouch. What an ass. Sure, you should've paid attention, but there are other, harmless ways your teacher could've used. FYL.

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here's OP's plan: dont pay attention. fail. drop out. die

Who is to say that the teacher just threw it to get their attention? Much like a teacher calling your name but instead throwing metal pencil cases like some monster out of a Mario game. PS OP you should keep the case.

It is impossible for a pupil/student to pay attention all day through. It is forbidden for a teacher to use verbal and certainly physical aggression. FYL

my teacher did tht to me but it was during woodwork and i got a splinter on the side of my head and i had to go to the Schools nurse

Udi lol u pay good money to go to class soPAY ATTENTION. Teacher dont just talk to hear hos head rattle

*Ydi. What do you think the U would stand for? -_-

I love that teacher we can tell he hates his job and his pay sux not to mention he hates the lazy a$$ kids that don't pay attention.

D-do you need a dictionary there? Or are you ok with breaking the English language??

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should have played like she knocked you out to scare her


Teachers should carry water pistols.

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One of my teachers uses a water gun on kids who start to fall asleep in class. It's hilarious!

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Unless that's where the teacher keeps his metal pencil cases I doubt sewing his arse would do the OP any good.

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We used to throw books at our teachers.

We used to stone ours. So, what exactly is the point of your comment good sir/ma'am?