By Anonymous - United States
Today, I found out my dad spent most of the $500 I earned from mowing lawns on an Xbox 360 for himself. He was the one who encouraged me to put the money in the bank for college and to learn responsibility. I'm 14 years old. He's 37. FML
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By  Sofeee  |  0

realy I'm 12 my dads 52

he's a bit young no offence

btw same things have happened to
me I saved up 4 a phone day I went to buy in I found he had stolen it for a iPod touch
I went beserk

  Reyo  |  2

Provided it doesn't break by then, make it to where he finds it missing when you go off to college. Be sure to leave a note saying "Well, since it was paid for with MY money..."

NOTE: Do not sign it.

  kbaker90  |  0

The OP can't sue his father. Legally, parents have control over every cent their minor child makes. Up until I was 18 my parents seized all of my paychecks, and there was nothing I could do about it. Only when the OP turns 18 does he gain full legal control over his money. Until then he either needs to hope his father doesn't do this again or find a good hiding place for his money.

  scateice  |  0

Just because there are 6 year olds on the internet doesn't make it anymore wrong for a 14 year old to be. Not that I agree...seriously people? I'm 11. Try to make a valid argument. That's like a robber saying," Why are you looking at me?! There's a murderer right over there!"

  Kylias  |  6

I started computering at around 10. Everybody's new once, and being a 18-year-old doesn't make you any less irritating when you are at that time. I suppose it would help to learn early as opposed to "im 20 and what is this".

  shadow455  |  2

yea its free online obviously makin it better plus its more about blu ray and supperior hd graphics to the xbox and of course better games infamous, god of war 3 and ratchet and clank a crak in time and it doesnt have the shittiest most overated game ever u know what im talkin about starts with a H ends with an O and has an A and a L somewhere in between

  zinc55  |  0

xbox has Halo, COD, and Fallout 3 was released for xbox first. PS3's online may be free, but it sucks. Crap is free, but you don't eat that instead of food "Because it costs money"

  imasokool  |  0

ummmm hello x-box 360 is better thqn any console halo1-4 they r pro but psn is free live cost money and the ps3 has blue-ray thats about all its good for