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Today, I found out my dad spent most of the $500 I earned from mowing lawns on an Xbox 360 for himself. He was the one who encouraged me to put the money in the bank for college and to learn responsibility. I'm 14 years old. He's 37. FML
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See if it's possible to locate the receipt and return it. Otherwise, sell it and pocket the money.


realy I'm 12 my dads 52 he's a bit young no offence btw same things have happened to me I saved up 4 a phone day I went to buy in I found he had stolen it for a iPod touch I went beserk

I don't think the OP's father is very young. My dad is the same age (37), and I'm about to turn 20.

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I'm actually not sure how old he was when he married, just that he married my mom eventually. I was too young to remember.

Your Dad was 40 when you were born? That's pretty old.

It happens. My dad is 57, and I have a 7 year old sister.

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Provided it doesn't break by then, make it to where he finds it missing when you go off to college. Be sure to leave a note saying "Well, since it was paid for with MY money..." NOTE: Do not sign it.

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how old are you? people don't have to be married to have kids

he's not that young, my dad's 40, my mom's 36, and I'm 14

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177 same! I'm 14 and my parents are 40 and 37

I've got a friend who's mum was 15 when he was born

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My parents are 53 and 43. I'm 14. :P

His dad was only 23, it's not that young. And as for you, 40 is kind of old to have kids.

Such judgemental people! Not only that, but seriously. Who gives a shit how old our parents were when they got knocked up or decided to have a kid.

The OP can't sue his father. Legally, parents have control over every cent their minor child makes. Up until I was 18 my parents seized all of my paychecks, and there was nothing I could do about it. Only when the OP turns 18 does he gain full legal control over his money. Until then he either needs to hope his father doesn't do this again or find a good hiding place for his money.

Ok, FML is going and deleting comments again. I wrote a reply to someone saying "Sue him", but that comment seems to have disappeared.

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#26 if your parents seize all your paychecks wtf is the point of working in the first place?

haha I would of done the same thig. xbox is amazing.

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Cake of Noob? That sounds just awful. I would definately want an experienced person in my cake...

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An XBOX costs 500 dollars? That's a bunch of money! That's a lot of lawns to mow in the hot Florida sun. (Unless, you mowed the lawns of retired rich people.)

The FML does say 'most' of the money, so it probably wasn't that much.

Fourteen years old? Get off of the internet.

What's wrong with being on the internet when you're 14 years old?

Think fourteen year olds shouldn't be on the internet? Six year olds are. Get off the internet.

Just because there are 6 year olds on the internet doesn't make it anymore wrong for a 14 year old to be. Not that I agree...seriously people? I'm 11. Try to make a valid argument. That's like a robber saying," Why are you looking at me?! There's a murderer right over there!"

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I started computering at around 10. Everybody's new once, and being a 18-year-old doesn't make you any less irritating when you are at that time. I suppose it would help to learn early as opposed to "im 20 and what is this".

computering? That makes it sound like you were doing something very strange... I think perhaps you were thinking of computing.

haha wow so what if were 14 deal with it. be a man. my little brother goes on the interwebs all the time.

First time I started using computers was when I was 2 and a half years old. So yeah.

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What the hell u talking about! I went on the internet the first time i went on a computer at 8 and was playing games the next day.

See if it's possible to locate the receipt and return it. Otherwise, sell it and pocket the money.

See if it's possible to locate the receipt and return it. Otherwise, sell it and pocket the money.

Your dad wastes your money AND gets a crappy console? That really sucks.

cause the ps3 has so many better games than the xbox...and the online is obviously much better than xbox's also. yeah...ok.

yea its free online obviously makin it better plus its more about blu ray and supperior hd graphics to the xbox and of course better games infamous, god of war 3 and ratchet and clank a crak in time and it doesnt have the shittiest most overated game ever u know what im talkin about starts with a H ends with an O and has an A and a L somewhere in between

I don't know any game by the name of HLAO ;x

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xbox has Halo, COD, and Fallout 3 was released for xbox first. PS3's online may be free, but it sucks. Crap is free, but you don't eat that instead of food "Because it costs money"

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whats wrong with the xbox??? not that ps3 is bad(though im not a huge fan of the wii cuz of the games) but theres nothing horribly wrong with it

ummmm hello x-box 360 is better thqn any console halo1-4 they r pro but psn is free live cost money and the ps3 has blue-ray thats about all its good for

83 xbox online is better. it's a no brainer considering you pay for it.


how about we all shut up about which ones better theyre both great, and together they dominate the wii