By nearlythere - 30/09/2011 04:50 - Australia

Today, I was getting ready to perform a speech in anthropology on the globalization of public transportation and how it brings cultures together. On the bus ride there, the girls behind me were discussing ways to hide their track marks after injecting. FML
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Anthropology is the study of human evolution, biologically and this girl wants to give a speech about how buses and such help bring people of all cultures and lifestyles together. On a public bus, on the way to her class, two heroin addicts are discussing hiding their vein scars. Talk about mixing cultures. If you don't get it now, then fyl.

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I bet that poked a few holes in your logic.


savagearmz 6

What's wrong with that? Don't we all do drugs?

I'm decently sure 1 was saying that jokingly. So I have no clue how it got 6 thumbs down.

Well if everyone did drugs then it is mission accomplish in bringing different cultures together.

Jammy01jams 2

Yes?? :/ I don't really know one person that hasn't tried drugs of some kind... Especially alcohol. But when it comes to the illegals, I'm pretty sure most people I know have tried one or another... It's not really bad for you unless you abuse it.

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@29 your use of the word really is deceptive. if really = indicator of intensity, true. if really = indicator of fact, false.

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I agree. At least once in your life is a must

Alcohol isnt a drug... and there's a ton of people I know who havent tried illegal drugs... including myself

44, I apologise, I accidentally thumbed your comment up. Alcohol is a drug. It's a depressant, actually. :)

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Most people I know have tried an illegal drug but that was something like marijuana not something that leaves "track marks"

alcohol is a drug you idiot. well, at least it brought two cultures together...

Time for honesty: I've never tried any type of drug, other than tobacco, and I'm not sure if people want to classify that as a drug. My mother was a product of the 50's, so being a teen in the 60's and in her twenties in the 70's, she was addicted to a lot of different drugs, which is why I won't touch anything, because I'll probably pick up that habit as well :/

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Ah yes, if it weren't for the colorful characters I've met through public transportation, I would never have learned about rotating your injection site, using a fresh syringe every time, loosening the belt after you register the vein, clenching my fist and tapping gently on my inner arm, and not going deep enough to hit an artery. Good day to you sir!

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#44, wtf are you talking about? Alcohol is a drug. Listen to 46.

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A.) Alchohol is a drug and worst than quite a few of the "illegal drugs" on the streets B.) Drug use is not bad in moderation (soft drugs) however there is no moderation so it can be very bad for you. C.) Yes heroin can and will kill you. Eating heroin once or twice to try it I can understand.. But once you start injecting its almost impossible to turn back.

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alcohol is a drug, but I know several people who have never used drugs.

#1 I got ur joke and It was pretty ******* funny if u ask me idk y u got so many thumbs down

-65 now you need to figure out why your comment is getting thumbed down

savagearmz 6

JESUS, calm down I was just joking

Um are you stupid. Alcohol is a drug. I learned that in grade 5.

Nothing exhibits the best of culture & society like a ride on public transporation

I luv how this comment got so many people stressed out

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46, no it's first a stimulant and releases endorphins in your brain. then after a larger amount it's a depressant

Totally agreed on all. A) Alcohol IS worse than many illegal drugs esp marijuana. I don't smoke anymore but admit it's true B) Truth. I can't do coke bc I'll keep doing it lol C) I tried eating heroin once, it was dumb. Why would anyone try it and think "I should inject this"? I don't understand!!?

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The bus brings minds together. And think of ways to hide injection marks.


umm how does this affect your life op?

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Injecting is bad... Call me bad:/ haha jk

45 - Ugh, this is why I hate the fact that they allow 13 year olds on this site. Grow up, you're not funny.

Joshoa123 16

I bet that poked a few holes in your logic.

Proving your point... Not really FML. That's true diversity.

I hear that kinda stuff from the person sitting behind me in class

Well you are kinda right , it is FML however its not the cultures you want that come together. So your speech should not be affected.

That's just filthy, each to their own but I have no respect for people like that.....

I agree to an extent, but I also feel bad for them.

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I'm pretty sure if some one is giving a speech about anthropology on the globalization of public transportation they are already ahead of two heroin addicted ******....

SimpleMinds_fml 7

Sorry, meant for #13 ^^^^^^^^^^^

#80 I don't think there was any end to call them ******. They are addicts, yes, but not necessarily ******.

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Just keep in mind how much better off you'll be in 10 years or so than them. :)

Yeah, in 10 years they will probably be dead.