By Anonymous - 30/09/2011 01:33 - United States

Today, my parents came to visit me. I bought boxers and cologne to make it look like I had a man here. I've been single since I moved away. FML
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Why would you want your parents to think you'd been sleeping with some man they'd never met?

You could alternatively get a man.


Unless your parents really want grandchildren, I doubt they would mind :)

I'm going to go out on a limb to say that either the mother or the father is going to want to be a grandparent. I'm planning my baby like the movie Junior

Who needs the responsibility of a newborn, right?!

Hey at least you haven't been single since you moved out of your mother's womb, now that would be an FML

You could alternatively get a man.

Then what would she do with the boxers and cologne?! I sense the arrival of the world's saddest love triangle.

Wow 3, you ruffled a few feathers with that comment ;) Something tells me 27 may have some pushy parents too.

How can I creep FML if all the comments keep disappearing?!

Don't worry, just wait for the love of your life :) You'll find a husband, don't worry

I do not concur. Why would you say that to anybody? Wait around all your life for a husband and collect cats be that lady!! Wtf If you want something you do sit around and wait for it to fall in your lap. Life does not work like that. Not everyone wants to have 2.5 kids, and live in the suburbs. This is not reality.

Yessun I cannot edit. Thank you (:

I don't like unrealistic optimism.

Mmmm brownie.

I don't think 3 meant to literally wait around doing nothing and hope Mr Right will walk by one day.. More like just be patient and don't rush into lust.

61 Exactly

"2.5 kids" the fuck is that? half a kid? a little person? seems pretty morbid

Why would you want your parents to think you'd been sleeping with some man they'd never met?

Well it just depends on how hard you try, you will get there mu friend

Tell them that your "man" is serving in the military and is gone for a while.

Might as well say he's MIA.

That's the way to make papa proud!!..:')


Dammit my whale didn't come up right

Where do you live?

Are you trying to get in OP's pants?

there's no shame in being single man!


I guess it is better than leaving around a bunch of her sex toys though.