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  ChopSuey444  |  20

My husband and I game together. Taking an interest in his interests COULD solve the issue. Whether that's dressing as a sexy game girl, or trying to play his games with him. She may be surprised.

By  Mightytall  |  35

This is where he needs to get help.
Stage an intervention and if he doesn't buck up, you need to really ask yourself if you want to put up with that for the rest of your life or find someone else.

  WithEachOther  |  2

(Ran out of time to edit) I'm not being funny but an intervention just because he prefers video games to sex? That's pretty ridiculous. You don't have to have sex constantly. If you can't go without sex for a few days while sometime finishes the game they are enjoying then maybe you're the addict, the sex addict.

  Mightytall  |  35

It's not about not having sex alone. This behavior signals that he may have a gaming addiction.
Not only does that ruin their relationship, but it may also ruin them financially.
Depending on what game he is playing he could put a ridiculous amount of money into it when he finally loses touch with reality... which he obviously already has if he chooses gaming over a wholesome relationship with his wife.

  Mightytall  |  35

Oh ... and I speak from personal experience.
Subscription fees, "Gold" or "Credits" and a bit of RMT and you're quickly looking at hundreds of dollars a month.
And that is exactly where the gaming industry is going.
Pay to Play or Pay to Win does make people that are perceptible to addiction fall right into that.

  smackaroonial  |  20

Well, seeing as sex is usually the pinnacle of togetherness in a relationship, if he doesn't want sex then you can cross off family dinner and spending time doing anything else other than gaming. This poor girl just wants some loving attention. Relationships are two way streets. I hope she's able to find a solution to this problem.