By Anonymous - United Kingdom
Today, I got a phone call to say my workplace was closed due to extreme weather conditions. Looking forward to my day off, I then realised the boiler was broken and my house has no heating despite there being a foot of snow outside. I'm spending the day in bed, wearing all my clothes. FML
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  iSitt  |  0

this is an emergency. If op doesn't fix the boiler soon, the water pipes will freeze and split open. Then when the weather thaws the apartment will flood.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

I agree. I'm jealous; the weather here sucks. If you have friends that are also home, go hang out with them. Get some shopping done while the boiler is being repaired. You did phone for repairs, right?

  sourgirl101  |  28

It's 54* F! Damn right I'm complaining! I can barely function in cold weather. There's a reason I live where I do.(: I'm planning on staying in bed 'til the sun comes out and it's in the 70's.(:

  lacrossekid  |  0

haha wimps I live I'n Canada .. and I was visiting family I'n red deer Alberta 2nd coldest place I'n the world second to Antarctica -50C try that Americans !!

  Thalymor  |  0

That's pretty damn cold. It snowed for the first time here in MI yesterday. I can deal with the cold (It isn't that bad when it's only in in the 30s-20s), but it's the wind chill I can't stand. A negative wind chill while it's snowing and you're walking to class is not fun.

  WTSchool  |  0

I hate wind chill. It hurts. Almost snowed here once, but it turned out to be like one flake and that was it. XD
But yeah, you must suffer from walking out there. /: Wear heaps of clothes? (x

  itsbutagame  |  0

no kitty, it's not that easy. the uk's experiencing it's greatest snowfall ever. anyone who can fix her boiler probably won't be able to reach her till next week. i would know, i'm trapped inside.

  Cyosaric  |  0

I live in Norder Oslo. That's in Norway. It gets below freezing here (I don't know the American metric system). There's also only four hours of sunlight during the vinter.

By  kindlystfupls  |  0

go buy a space heater? my bathroom is always freezing so a half hour before I need to go in there I turn on my little heater and shut the door. nice n toasty when I go take my shower. :)