By lifsabtch - 06/01/2013 17:24

Today, I went out to meet a wonderful woman I'd chatted with online. I did have a few fears about if she was really just some guy trying to make a fool out of me. When I met her, she really was a girl, and was happy to see me. Problem: she was actually 13. I'm 34. FML
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That girl is very lucky you weren't a pedophile. Shame on her for acting older than she was and meeting you, something terrible could have happened to her.


Lookin' for a baby-daddy? Sorry OP, that's... pretty ****** actually.

Sadly I've heard of worse. And know someone that did it younger then that..

What kind of a thirteen year old girl does that. Ew.

nuggetmonster 12

She's lucky it was a good guy like you and not some perv. It could have ended badly for her.

That or it could have actually ended very badly for him if she called the cops.

Chris Hansen would be all up in that shit.

I would be freaked the **** out that Chris Hansen would be there. But then again I think when they set up the traps they make sure the people online know they are trying to seduce a 13 year old to actually get real pedophiles and not guys like OP. but still I'd ******* make sure that she knew her being 13 only gets her taxi fare to go home from me.

Oh God I agree totally! I would so tell her family what she's up to. This little missy needs to know how dangerous her little adventures could be!

Haha this comment made my day a lot better

laya_fml 26

You never know. I hear the fbi is starting them young now.

Even if she was, I'm assuming OP didn't know she was actually 13, but rather his age, so it would've been perfectly legal for two adults to meet. If OP knew she was 13, well we obviously wouldn't have this FML.

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Why don't you go take a seat right over there.

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Not quite sure how OP could go about it, but I personally, would have found a way to let her parents know what she has been up to. Next time she may not be so lucky...

FBI_Surveillance 3

Man that'd really suck if that happened.

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At least she picked you and not some rapist. Or are you?...

Hey age is only a number........... and a jail sentence.

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Hey, a jail sentence is a number, too!

She's taking big chances. Jeez. It could end badly for her one day if she isn't careful. A

It may be FYL for you, but a paedophile would be happy to be in your place. Life is relative.

I don't know why you got thumbed down, that was freakin hilarious haha

Exactly! Age is just a number? ;P *I kid!*

Just tell her maybe in 4-5 years look him up.

I don't know anyone willing to wait 4-5 years just to date a 13 year old they meet online... I'd try finding a person of age right now. And besides, 18 and 39, still creepy.

Doesn't fit remotely into the rule of seven. I could not date someone twice my age. Hell, I'm 26, and it weirds me out knowing my partner turns 30 next year (I also like to creep him out by reminding him that when he started college, I was in 9th grade - for some reason he finds it really creepy, even though three years is really not a big age difference and is actually not a big deal at all). Creepily, they used to marry girls off as soon as they got their period, usually to men who were at least twice their age. I know they still do that in some cultures - it's the 'sign of womanhood'. The mother of King Henry VII was married when she was twelve and gave birth to him at age thirteen. I guess I would've been lucky to be a late bloomer if I lived in those days (got my period just before my 15th birthday).

Ew? Lol. We're actually lucky there's some guy guys left out there he could have been a pedo for real o:

davek 36

At the risk of sounding really creepy here, as well as pedantic, hebephile might be a more correct term.

You could always just go the pedophile route ;) I fail to see the problem here.

That girl is very lucky you weren't a pedophile. Shame on her for acting older than she was and meeting you, something terrible could have happened to her.

I completely agree. So many young girls try to act much older. They don't realize how dangerous it can be to meet people they talked to online. She is very lucky op was not a pervert or a murderer. Her parents need to put up parental controls on her computer.

MarisaCB 16

Her parents don't need to set up parental controls. A 13 year old should already know not to do this, and if she doesn't she needs to be taught. Every kid can bypass parental controls. It wouldn't help.

I wouldn't say every kid could bypass parental controls. Depends on what you're doing.

This generation needs to stay away from the Internet.

Why don't you follow your own advice, kiddo? FML is definitely not PG :P

How do you know she's a kid? Her profile doesn't specify her age.

The way she said "this generation" seemed like she was talking about her own to me, and her name and picture look pretty young, anything early 20s and younger would be put in the same generation I believe.. Anyway I was just kidding, I could be wrong.

I'm 21. It is not inconceivable that a 13-year-old would be of my generation. Probably at the edges of it, but still.

89 If google is right then her generation started in '95..

No, idiots need to stay away from the internet. Not everyone in this generation is stupid enough to do what this girl did.

If the problem was with everyone in this generation, there'd be a huge amount more FMLs like this one.

I'm really tired of the "this generation" comments. Shut the **** up, every generation has stupid people.

I might be going out on a limb here, but even if the girl lied about her age she probably would not have met up with Op if he was honest about his age.

Op seems pretty honest though to post this onFML. It was probably just a really really really lonely girl who was somewhat mature for her age

We can't repel ***** of such magnitude!

I think he was honest... She lied isn't that what he said? O:

Well, at least you're a nice person (I hope). If she met the wrong guy she could've been in a lot of trouble.

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Woah watch out for Chris Hanson. Actually why dont ya just have a seat over there.