Weird interaction

By Yue - 23/11/2009 21:14 - Canada

Today, I went over to my best friend's house only to have his little brother run up to us and confess his love to me. His little brother is twelve and I've tutored him for a year. I'm seventeen and male. Now my best friend thinks I 'taught' him something weird. He won't talk to me. FML
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Maybe it was just 'I love you for tutoring me 'cuz I just aced that test' or something?

Prepare for comments suggesting you DID actually do something weird.


i'm gonna be like all those people with no life and say FIRST

im gonna be like the ppl with no life and repy to first comment

I'm gonna be like all those smart people and give you guys a thumbs down.

I love how you said threesome & have a pic of a crying baby, its like your saying have a threesome & youll end upp with a baby :)

that's.... awkward......

Prepare for comments suggesting you DID actually do something weird.

I see them already!

"Come on lil' johnny.. come sit in my lap and we'll talk about the first thing that pops up."

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He said tutored not tortured... Learn to read better

I think he's implying that tutoring the kid is a form of torture.

you have a life it's called a lowlife

"Now, using this doll, can you please show the court where exactly he touched you?" You're not aspiring to be a Catholic priest , are you?

blame pedobear.

so uhm what did you "tutor" him in?

Your a nazooer