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Today, I found out I've been incorrectly sorting thousands of papers for the past two weeks. My boss wanted them sorted by date, but the co-worker who instructed me said to sort them into alphabetical order just to watch me fail. FML
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And there's nothing you can do about it. Even if you speak up, darling, it's a classic case of their word against yours.


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ya I would of kicked his ass

GTA Mothuh F#%¥ers Cap his sorry ass off or if you prefer to not go to prison just tell him he's a complete asshole

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Or make him a sammich seasoned with rat poisoning.

and this is why ppl show up to work with guns...

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Throw his ass under the bus then run over him again.

Just act like a mature adult by saying " I sorry that I made a mistake. I was instructed by to sort them that way. I will go back and fix the mistake." Best way to deal with it. Do not stoop to the co- workers level. It will show lots of integrity on your part.

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Agreed with 47. People always want you to fail. Work with integrity and it will always pay off.

why are you listening to a co worker about something you have to do for your boss? shouldn't you have gotten the information from your superior before doing what someone else told you to. FYI for being a dumbass and irresponsible.

#49 - even if you win, you still think he's a dick and you still got worked up about it so I guess he wins and you lose. Also, he's not talking about not solving the problem at all. He's talking about not doing immature things to get back at the coworker because at that point he's no better than the coworker.

do what 25 said then do what 47 said(:

@52 The boss told the coworker to instruct me

Hahahaha! # 62 ...You. Are. Awesome xD

revenge? never trust anyone anymore. life lesson learned..kinda I guess.

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Jail bait dude, jail bait...

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wow I'd shove all those papers up their ass >.<

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The proper grammer would be his/her ass since we aren't notified of the gender of OP's co-worker. Their is used for plural references.

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retard she said their as in Both the boss and coworker Ty how you doin

And there's nothing you can do about it. Even if you speak up, darling, it's a classic case of their word against yours.

So I get downvoted for speaking the truth?

It's what we call here in 'merica... Democracy :D You get shot down for speaking out

I supposed it could be worse. It's not like I'm being yelled at for speaking out or being threatened by my superiors this time!~

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da ****... are you having a conversation with yourself?

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He's an asshole I would tell your boss and get his ass fired.

There is only one way to solve this...RAP BATTLE.

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I guess he's getting that promotion.